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Burgeoning Business Baggage: Office Supplies You Don’t Need


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that stationery is all the rage nowadays. Colorful pens, post-it notes, and paper clips aren’t enough for the avid collector anymore – a lot of the most popular stationery doubles as something else, like utensil pen caps, so you don’t even have to put your pen down to eat your lunch at work! But as fun as all these gadgets can be, some are admittedly a bit pointless. Let’s take a look at the office supplies you don’t really need.

Green and Gold

As fashionable as geeky accessories are, consuming in excess is really terrible for the environment. Instead of using a million new ink cartridges and reams of paper, you, and your workplace, should be trying to reduce waste and recycle wherever possible. Recycling empty ink cartridges and buying recycled paper is a better option. Better yet, changing the margin sizes on your prints and printing double-sided will make a huge difference to the environmental impact of your office space. Keep your documents digital, and work responsibly.

Protect Your Right to Write

Computers rose up to replace typewriters for a good reason. Typewriters are ancient and have a lot of flaws – no backspace, for one thing – but the growing popularity of vintage has them coming back into fashion. Save yourself the debate: no, you don’t need a typewriter. There are some cool office supplies that allow you to type on a typewriter-esque device that also sends a digital copy to your computer or phone, or typewriters that are actually keyboards to hook up directly to your computer. All in all, you don’t need the real thing.


You can type on a computer in Courier font, and take advantage of the backspace button. Avoid real typewriter problems like having to re-ink, fix jams, or rewrite an entire sheet after a single error.

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