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7 Useful Tools for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is no easy job. It takes an incredible amount of dedication and skill to start and run your own business. An entrepreneur wears many hats: they manage their business, run the social media, do outreach, contact suppliers- just to name a few of their many responsibilities. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or work with a team, it is undeniably a tiring job. But, using the right tools and resources can make the process a little bit easier. There are so many resources out there that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs, so it is good to do your research and see what will help make running your business go a little bit smoother. If you are thinking of starting your own business soon, or just need some help with your current one, use these 7 tools for entrepreneurs:


If you work with a team, a project management platform is an absolute necessity. Asana is a great way to keep your work organized and stay connected with your co-workers. You can organize and assign tasks on a calendar, list things by priority, and include the timeline of when tasks are due. It is an effective way to keep work organized so no one misses a deadline.


Cetera is a great resource that offers various wealth management services for business owners. You can get help with planning out your business ventures and assistance with clients and employees. Cetera helps you reach financial success by providing the answers to important financial questions, like how to handle taxes and retirement funds.


Having a good website is an essential for every entrepreneur. Whether your business is a product or a service, you need a website that explains it and where people can go to find out more information or get in contact. Squarespace is an easy, affordable way for you to create an effective and aesthetically pleasing website for your business.


Fiverr is an amazing freelance platform to use if you need to hire someone to do temporary work for you. For example, if you need someone to make a logo for your brand, check out fiverr for graphic designers. The same goes for social media management, copywriting, and more. You can also interview people before hiring to make sure they are a good fit.

Google Workspace

If you are not already using Google Workspace to run your business, you seriously need to get on it. Google Workspace is a collection of collaboration tools designed to help anyone easily and effectively work with others. Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Docs, Good Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and more. It is very useful during this period of remote working as you can access it from basically anywhere on any computer, you just need to log in to your Google account and you’re good to go.


Contently is a very useful site for entrepreneurs who want to establish their brand by creating content. Contently helps businesses with all their marketing struggles, by analyzing and predicting which content will have the most impact on consumers. Content creation is definitely tricky, but Contently makes it easier.


In today’s world, where everything is done over the Internet, it is imperative to have a way you can sign documents electronically. HelloSign does just that. Whether it is for an employee or a contractor, they can sign important documents, like W2s, with just a click of a button. It will make your and their life so much easier.

These are just some of the many, many resources out there available for entrepreneurs to use at little or no cost. While starting your own business is stressful, utilizing the proper tools will make the entire process go much smoother. Whether you need to create content for social media or find someone to edit a logo, there is a service out there that can help. So the next time you are struggling with your business, check out one of these tools, it will be a life saver.


Contributor: Eliza Picot

After relocating from the East Coast, Eliza made a new home in Denver where she received a degree in finance. Her love for mystery thrillers is only outweighed by a desire to pick up a pen and craft her own work. Coupled with her education and years of experience in bookkeeping, Eliza’s niche offers readers useful money-saving tips and creative ways to better manage finances. Her success has landed her work in major publications and has warranted esteemed recognition amongst elite finance bloggers. Growing up in culturally-rich Massachusetts, and spending so much time as a child reveling in Victorian architecture, Eliza developed an interest in interior design at a young age. She continues to pursue this hobby when she’s not writing about tax codes, IRAs, and Real Estate Investment Trusts, and has garnered a massive Pinterest following with her whimsical inspirations.


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