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4 Tips to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

The employee onboarding process is extremely important for companies. In most cases, it is your first and only opportunity to set your employees on the right track and prevent future mishaps. Without an onboarding process, your employees would just be thrown straight into their new job, and would likely struggle with things such as company protocol and procedure.

This is a recipe for disaster, as untrained employees can be a hazard to both your company and your customers. That is why ensuring your employees get proper training through a rigorous onboarding process is absolutely vital. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to strengthen your company’s onboarding process, and ensure that your employees start their job prepared and adequately trained. Here are some tips to improve your employee onboarding process.


Integrate Interactive Content

One of the best ways to make a quality onboarding process is to integrate interactive content. No one wants to simply just sit through lectures and videos about company policies and procedures. In addition, the human attention span is extremely short and interactive content could be a great way to re engage your employees in keep them focused during the process.

If your onboarding process is digital then try integrating things such as interactive demos or videos. If your onboarding process takes place “on the floor” then try putting your employees through various scenarios to get them hands on experience and show them the correct course of action. Hands-on learning is effective in school classrooms and extends to workplace training. Integrating interactive content into your onboarding process can be a great way to make sure your employees are truly paying attention, and can help prevent accidents or mishaps down the road.


Make it Simple

If possible, you should try to simplify your employee onboarding programs. Complicated programs can actually do more harm than good and can fluster new employees. Don’t over complicate things. You need to ensure that your employees receive all the necessary training and acclimations, but do so in a simple and easy to understand manner. By doing this, you are making it much easier for your employees to retain your program’s information.


Be Patient

It is important to not get carried away and throw everything but the kitchen sink at your new employees. The employee onboarding process typically occurs during an employee’s first few days with a company.  If you immediately throw a lot of information and responsibility at them, then they may struggle to keep up and retain information. You don’t have to completely baby them, but it would be wise to ensure that your employee onboarding process proceeds at a pace that your employees are comfortable with.  


Measure Progress and Success

An easy way to improve your employee onboarding process is to implement methods to measure their progress. This could be as simple as implementing quizzes and tests at the end of lessons just to ensure your employees retain what was learned. In addition, if you notice your employees are struggling with quizzes on certain parts of your training, then you know that you need to go back and take a look at the contents of that section of your program.

The feedback you receive from these tests should allow you to hone your onboarding process. Employee feedback is a powerful tool and can also be used to create things such as great employee wellness programs and great company cultures. If you use this feedback correctly, you can create the perfect onboarding process and ensure that all of your employees are expertly trained.

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