6 Unique Home Offices that Will Inspire You to Start Your Own Business

1. Library in the Ceiling

by Travis Price architects for Wade Davis, National Geographic’s “Explorer in Residence” is so awesome, it blows my mind. This office is not only a space savor, its uniquely designed to be a functional working space.

Working remotely from home but can also be just long hours of sitting and working on the computer. With the library in the ceiling, it would give a good reason to get out your seat and move a little.




2. Refurbished Bus

This is one of the most unique and practical ideas for a home office We’ve ever seen. This bus was cleaned, refurbished and transformed into an awesome place to run a business.









3. Library chair

This is a smallest office on the list. Just add a laptop.


4. Office Pod

From a company in the UK, the office pod is very futuristic and stylish. These pods are designed for specialized work spaces and can fit in a person’s backyard.





5. Outdoor Office

Talk about a stress free work environment. This calm and peaceful outdoor office looks like a great place to get some work done (weather permitting).



6. Hammock on Office Floor

For you business owners that love your businesses so much you spend every waking moment in your offices, you can spend every sleeping moment there too. This floor hammock can be constructed in offices to save commute time as well as a nice way to take a break from a long project. We are thinking about installing something similar in our office.



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