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[Video] Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups

Video length: 2:18

Entrepreneur Magazine was kind enough to share a list of rules by billionaire businessman Mark Cuban.  Here is the list of 12.

1. Don’t Start a Company Unless It’s an Obsession or Something You Love.

2. If You Have an Exit Plan, It’s Not an Obsession.

3. Hire People You Think Will Love Working There.

4. Sales Will Cure All.

5. Know Your Core Competencies and Focus on Being Great at Them.

6. Coffee is For Closers.

7. No Private Offices.

8. Technology: Go With What You Know.

9. Keep the Organization Flat.

10. Never buy Swag.

11. Never Hire a PR Firm.

12. Make the Job Fun for Your Employees.



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