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5 Tips for Choosing The Right Help Desk Software

Installing help desk software can cost a lot of money, so you are obviously not going to want to make any hasty decisions. While a company like Kayako is certainly going to be a safe bet, you still need some kind of idea of why this company is preferable, and you need to be able to find these things in other services as well.

#1 Understand Your Customers Needs

Every customer is different, and you need to figure out what kind of customers you have so that you can give them the sort of help they are going to need. First and foremost, the medium that customers use to register their complaints is very important indeed. They might prefer live chat, some might prefer to just call in, and others still could potentially prefer to just help themselves through the use of a web form. Figure this out and then get a helpdesk that would give your customers what they want.

#2 Ascertain The Experience You Want to Give Customers

You probably have a good idea of how you want to serve your customers, and the fact of the matter is that the helpdesk software you end up choosing is going to have to reflect the experience you want to give your customers. You need to give your company an identity and the manner in which you serve your customers is going to serve a pretty big role in how your customers end up seeing you. The important thing to remember here is that each helpdesk software is going to give customers a unique experience.

#3 Ask Your CSR Team

You need to make sure that your CSRs are onboard with the sort of updates you are going to be making to the whole customer support process. The fact of the matter is that your CSRs are going to know better than anyone else how your customers are going to want to be treated, and they are also going to know better than anyone else whether your customers would appreciate you installing a help desk software in the first place because there is a chance that they are going to prefer the more personal sort of experience that actual CSRs provide.

#4 Look For Something Multilingual

If you truly want to be able to expand your company you are going to want to offer customer support in as many languages as possible. Customer support is an important part of your company’s service after all, and the helpdesk you offer is going to have to have multilingual support. Even if you are offering services in a single country, you are still going to have customers that speak different languages or at the very least are more comfortable speaking in a particular language. The important thing to remember is that your customers feel as comfortable as possible in every situation.

#5 Avoid Heavy Installations

Heavy installations often occur when the company you are buying from offers a lot of different features, but you should avoid these kinds of installations because of the fact that they tend to make your system crash and the fact that they are slow tends to make it very difficult for customers to get their complaints addressed in a short period of time. Hence, no matter how many services this company provides, at the end of the day their product just won’t be worth it because of the fact that it would end up upsetting your customers and spoiling their overall experience.


Contributor Bio – Noman Aqil is a Marketing Manager at Kayako, the effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty.

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