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5 Social Media Trends That Small Business Need To Follow

Too many business owners marketing their businesses on social media spend their time chasing trends and trying to keep up. This can be a big mistake. It is impossible to maintain a consistent strategy that delivers actual results if we’re distracted by what everyone else is doing. As a rule, try not to worry about social media trends and instead focus on what you are doing and make sure you are doing it well.

However, there’s nothing wrong with carefully choosing a few trends to follow if they can add real value to your business’s online presence without taking up too much of your time and effort. The key to identifying which trends to chase or ignore is figuring out what actually works for you, your business, and your brand. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s noticeably easier to engage in trends that add to your business and not take away from it.

5 Social Media Trends You Need To Know

Suppose you’ve been lagging a little with your business’s presence on social media and want to find new ways to fire up your business’s online presence. In that case, the following five trends could be just what you need to inject some fresh energy into your business’s social media profile.

1. Instagram Reels

If you’re already using Instagram to market your business and products/services, you may already know how important using the Reels feature has become. As Instagram’s answer to Tik Tok, Reels have become an innovative way for businesses to grow their audience and convert followers to customers.

By creating reels content instead of static grid content, you’ll see a significant jump in your reach and a potential increase in sales. But don’t worry – creating reels doesn’t mean you have to dance around and point at things awkwardly. There are plenty of ways to make reels without stepping too far outside your comfort zone that will still pay off for your business.

2. Storytelling On Pinterest With Idea Pins

Pinterest has an incredible 478 million users every month, making it a major player in the social media marketing game. You should definitely consider using it for your business.

One of the most promising trends on Pinterest right now is storytelling content with Idea Pins. Pinterest states that the intention behind this feature is to encourage content creators and businesses to “create inspiring content and better interact with their audiences, building more engaged communities directly on Pinterest.”

Idea pins are similar in many ways to the much more well-known Instagram Stories. Businesses can share up to twenty pages of either video or image content and add a wide range of effects such as text, voiceovers, and music through this feature. The critical difference between Idea Pins and Instagram Stories is that Idea Pins don’t expire after twenty-four hours.

Using Idea Pins is an excellent idea for any small business that really wants to get the most from its Pinterest marketing strategy. The change signifies a shift towards video content on the app. By using Pins, engagement with your content will increase in reach and numbers.

3. Get On The Tik Tok Train

You’ve been resisting the pressure to join Tik Tok. It may be time to give in. What started as a video-sharing app for kids and teens has quickly grown in sophistication, becoming an invaluable marketing tool for small businesses. Today, businesses like yours are finding more creative and eye-catching ways to grow their audiences and sell to customers on the platform. Whether you use it to share behind-the-scenes insight into your business or show fun and exciting ways to use the products that you sell, there are countless ways to use Tik Tok to grow your small business online.

4. Embrace Video On All Platforms

Regardless of what platform(s) you’re using to market your business, there’s one thing that they all have in common, and that’s video. Across the board, social media sites are making an intentional shift away from static images and towards video content and if you’re not ready to embrace that change, prepare to be left behind.

Unfortunately, video content is well outside of most people’s comfort zones. But you don’t need to hire a professional videographer to get the most from this trend. You don’t even need to have a fancy camera or studio-level lighting equipment. Invest in basic ring light and tripod for your smartphone, spend a little time watching Youtube videos on creating high-quality video content, and just dive in. Your first few videos may not be the best, and you’ll make mistakes as you go but, it’s better to show up imperfectly than to not show up at all.

5. Clubhouse

When it comes to social media, there is always a new kid in town. Last year it was Tik Tok. This year it’s Clubhouse. This invite-only networking platform provides an original take on social media for businesses. It stands apart from the crowd in terms of its features and its exclusivity. Instagram is about aspirational aesthetics, and Twitter is about fast-paced news. Clubhouse is about thought leadership, industry expertise, and peer-to-peer networking. It’s perfectly suited to B2B businesses that want to establish themselves as leaders in their niche.

Social media marketing will always be a challenge, thanks to the ever-evolving nature of the social media landscape. New trends crop up almost every day, making it difficult for many small business owners to figure out which trends are worth following and which aren’t. While chasing every single trend is certainly not going to help you grow your business consistently and sustainably, there are some trends that you just can’t ignore.

So, if you’re a small business owner and you want to level up your business’s performance on social media, check out the five trends listed above. Think about which ones are most appropriate for your business, take the least amount of effort, and just go for it!

Sarah Tyrrell
Staff Writer: Sarah Tyrrell is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and parent living in Ireland. She's particularly interested in mental and emotional health and how they impact success in business. As well as an eleven year old daughter, Sarah has two rescue dogs and cats, and six chickens named after Ru Pauls Drag Race contestants

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Staff Writer: Sarah Tyrrell is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and parent living in Ireland. She's particularly interested in mental and emotional health and how they impact success in business. As well as an eleven year old daughter, Sarah has two rescue dogs and cats, and six chickens named after Ru Pauls Drag Race contestants

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