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5 Must-Have HR Tools for Scaling Startups & SMEs

The demand for HR software is increasing faster. A strong HR department is not under every small company’s scope since every company can’t afford people. It is clear that not maintaining an HR department saves the organization some money. It also ensures that small companies are unable to handle their human resource needs effectively. Moreover, it could relate to poor agreement between staff members since separate HR roles include medical leave and pay to undergo treatment.

If HR management cannot do this job, it could lead to unpleasant employees and performance constraints. Fortunately, there are quite a few human resource platforms available to assist busy company administrators in dealing with the diverse demands of HR. Here is a collection of the five best HR tools available in the market today.

1. Get Working

Get Working helps HR departments bring their employees back to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The office scheduling app allows employers to set office capacity limits, then lets employees reserve time and space to come in for work. If a company has more than one building or more than one floor in a building, employees can be scheduled and spaced out accordingly.

Prior to booking a reservation, employees must take a quick, easy, and private pre-screening questionnaire to assess whether they have any symptoms, traveled recently, or been in contact with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19. If they pass the assessment, they can make an office reservation; if they don’t, they will not be able to make a reservation and enter the workplace.

In addition to capacity management and pre-screening, Get Working also keeps track of who was where on what days in the event that public health departments need to conduct contact tracing procedures. The reservation system provides admins with information on exactly who was in the office building or on a specific floor, as well as the date and time they were there.

Get Working is now available to try for free for one month.


2. JazzHR Tool

The JazzHR platform includes and simplifies the recruiting process with the email system. It enables you to add job openings straight to several famous job sites. It will also process the applications submitted in word or PDF format. This tool will also help to post vacancies on different social media sites available. You also get the opportunity to build web pages for your jobs sponsored by Jazz.

This online method also involves establishing a schedule that provides you a timeline to complete the appropriate steps needed in the recruiting process. As far as this tool’s price is known, the cost can only be understood by running a recruitment agency or having a rapid employee turnover. It has a monthly subscription service, which means that you will not have much use of the available capacity provided by this HR tool. There are hiring and orientation modules that can be added to the standard tool for an extra fee if you recruit employees regularly.


3. Zenefits

Zenefits began as a free HR management tool, but its software has made tremendous progress in recent years. In addition to standard features of the platform: HR management and welfare administration, Zenefits now provides built-in recruitment, time monitoring, modern smartphone applications, and innovative functionalities.

Zenefits provides two levels with a monthly subscription rate of employee and add-on applications. Your price would depend on which functionality you use, but the cost is also significantly cheaper than the business market’s approaches. Zenefits claims to represent more than 250,000 people throughout the United States.


4. Cezanne

Cezanne delivers robust HR management resources that dare open to smaller firms but are built to adapt to future development and success. The framework is cloud-based and designed on a monthly subscription service according to the deployed modules and user numbers. The main module provides many functionalities for preparation and development, administrative measures and complaints, regulation with health and safety, and documentation. Customers can opt to add additional modules to any or more of them, including absence control, time monitoring, success control, and applicant’s monitoring.

Cezanne provides each module at the same fixed amount per customer, against more significant manufacturers with variable price systems, so that you understand what you’re going to pay long in advance. Cezanne also offers performance management software and related employment applications outside of its core selected features. This tool is open to staff and administrators and can be used with a modern smartphone interface for Android and iOS users.


5. Jobatar

You won’t find time for recruiting employees for a single position if you’re too occupied as an HR manager at work. Jobatar is a solution to this problem. Using this tool, you can note the questions to be answered by the candidates and give them links via the app to access these questions and register their responses.

The answers registered by the candidates are recorded with the help of a webcam on their laptop or PC, and you can access each candidate’s answers anytime you find the time. Because you can use the app on mobile and tablet, you’re not forced to go through the interviews in your office. Therefore, this tool is one of the best options for making your job easy to conduct interviews in your busy schedule.

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