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3 Interesting Concepts for Your Tech Trade Show Booth

One of the busiest types of trade shows out there are those that feature technology services and products, which is just one reason so many attend these types of events. Statista.com reports that trade shows are one of the most profitable business-to-business media strategies, generating over 12.8 billion dollars in the U.S. alone in 2016.


If you’re planning on participating in a tech trade show, of course, you’ll want to have an attractive booth that stands out among the rest to give your company the edge when it comes to getting new business. Here’s how you can help make that happen.


Create a Scavenger Hunt

Implementing a little fun and entertainment into your booth can be a great way to get people invested in what you have to sell. By creating a scavenger hunt, for example, perhaps with a small prize for completion, the audience can enjoy their time at your booth and get excited about what you’re offering too. If you play your cards right, it can be the perfect opportunity to teach customers about your products or services while getting them intrigued to want to know more.  Some of your ‘clues’ might include information about general exposition services to inform visitors about trade shows in general. This is a fantastic way to build relationships with potential buyers during your time at the trade show.


Offer a Cell Phone Charging Station

These days almost everyone has a cell phone, and you can be certain that the majority of people attending a tech trade show will have their own device they’ll want to keep charged. A great way to draw them  to your trade show booth is to offer a cell phone charging station – it’s practically guaranteed to bring many more potential customers than you’d get without. Even if they weren’t initially interested in your product, the opportunity to look while juicing up their phone might just change their minds. 


Go Bold with a Video Wall

Odds are, there are going to be countless boring, one-screen booth displays at any tech trade show, but by going bold with a video wall, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get noticed by standing out from the rest. Video walls are not only great at grabbing people’s attention, but they have an incredible amount of potential for a wide range of different functions. Create a special presentation, share social media posts or even grasp the audience with photos of beautiful scenery to lure them over to your booth. After all, no tech trade show is complete without some great looking technology displays which help to sell the industry to as many people as possible.

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