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[Video] Mark Cuban: Why Perfection in Business is a Bad Thing

Wanting things to be perfect is a common leadership trait that many entrepreneurs posses.  But sometimes, the desire we have to make everything perfect can be a detriment.

In this Business Insider video, Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban explains why perfectionism in business can lead to taking your eyes off of what is truly important.  Cuban uses the example of a company that appeared on the ABC television show, ‘Beyond the Tank’.  The series outlines what happens after the investment deals that are made on ‘Shark Tank’

Red Dress Boutique is a fashion website that sells women’s clothing.  The owners of the business felt that they needed to replace their entire website.  Cuban disagreed.  In fact, he thought it would be a big mistake.  In this video, he explains that focusing on things being perfect, can distract entrepreneurs from focusing on what is really important in business.  Check out the video!

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