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Adobe Systems Acquires Livefyre Social Media Platform

One of, if not the leading, multimedia and creativity software companies, Adobe Systems has acquired the San Francisco based social media platform company, Livefyre.

Livefyre launched in 2009.  Initially the motive was to provide a commenting platform for bloggers. But later on, the company extended its objective and started its separate commenting platform known as Livefyre comment 3. It also started ads solution groups, content and engagement marketing platform which was named as Livefyre studio.

The rapid growth and success of Livefyre grabbed the attention of Adobe. On May 3, 2016 Adobe made an announcement that it’s buying Livefyre, a platform for marketing and discussions. Livefyre names dozens of large names such as Coca-Cola, Warner music, Hallmark and Kimberly-Clark as its customers. Acquisition is intended to be completed in the next few months. The terms of the contract and its price is still not disclosed.

This is not the first time Adobe has done business with Livefyre. In 2015, Adobe participated in a series D round that raised $47 million for Livefyre. Adobe plans to fold different service of Livefyre into the company’s management system which is known as Adobe experience manager.

This statement came from Adobe’s press release:

“Adobe Marketing Cloud is recognized by major industry analysts as a leading digital marketing platform for delivering, managing, and measuring content across any digital touch point,” said Jordan Kretchmer, CEO and founder of Livefyre. “We are thrilled to join the Adobe family to give brands the ability to deliver a breadth of impactful, highly personalized digital experiences. The addition of Livefyre to Adobe Marketing Cloud will bring content capabilities to Adobe customers that are unparalleled in the industry.”

Livefyre will integrate into “Adobe Experience Manager”. This purchase will deliver impactful and highly personalized experiences. With this deal, Adobe customers will be able to use the content capabilities of Livefyre which is unparalleled in industry. Aseem Chandra, Vice President, Adobe Experience manager and Adobe target explains the benefits of the deal to the customers that with these acquisition customers will be able to use the best social media content with brand experience created by Adobe. This enables the user to unify the use of livefyre and Adobe.

This acquisition will allow the Adobe to maintain the high demand of digital content. This will not only help the users as they will have the access to unlimited photos, stories, tweets and videos for distribution through emails, TV and different ways. But it will also help the brands in their marketing by enabling them to sort and use the contents along social media platform.

These deals will monetize the commenting platform. It will make worth to spent time on debating different products, which one is better and which one is not. Basically, it will allow the customers to make money off the comments you leave in sites. This category of marketing is also expanding with time. Major technology companies are acquiring younger ones. This deal will also definitely contribute towards the expansion and prosperity of the field.


Feature Image: Press.Livefyre.com


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