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[Video] Founder of Mint.com Talks About the Stages of a Startup, Raising Capital, and Selling Your Idea for $170 Million

A few years ago we came across a great video of Aaron Patzer who is the founder and Former CEO of Mint.com.  In this 20 minute video, Patzer breaks down the different stages of a startup, how valuable good engineers are to a tech company, and how he was able to sell his business idea for $170 million.

What’s great about this video is that he opens up about the finances of Mint from the beginning and during the growth of the company.

For anyone running any business, we think its important that you listen closely to this talk since he talks about things that you may have not thought about (like how VC’s expect you to pay their legal fees).  Great video and worth watching and listening to over and over.  Enjoy



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