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Why Passion is Not Enough to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Passion has been understood as a romantic term for most of us. There is a passion to drive all of us in this world. This passion has been misunderstood too; however, this passion is nothing but powerful and deep feeling of enthusiasm for something that brings satisfaction and joy to us.

Normally, we are passionate about food, music, art, sports and a  lot of other things.  Entrepreneurs are usually passionate about their work because we know that if we combine work with passion, it has the capability to create miracles. When we have enthusiasm, we work harder, more efficiently, and always strive to reach higher goals, and improve ourselves to gain perfection. We compete with our own self and excel at the high standards set by us. This makes our competition healthy and we get our rewards by getting paid for our hard work.

Anyone who says that passion is enough to make money flow into your life, however, was probably just trying to sound positive and probably did not try it out himself.

Many people have followed their heart to do best what the love the most. It is easy to pursue it at a great pace in the beginning; however, it wears out soon if other elements of accomplishing success are absent. People wait endlessly to gain what they want till the end because there is hope that someday someone who recognizes talent will reward them for all the hard work and passion that they carry in their heart for what they have been pursuing. It goes wrong at times!


People Don’t Care..Yet

Generally, not many people care about your passion and what you do with it. Their main point of interest is to find what they get out of what you do. It may be shocking for some and set a process of serious thinking for others.

That’s what successful entrepreneurs understand and those who struggle don’t.  The marketplace does not care that you want to work your own hours, lay on beach and rub lotion on your belly, or even that you love your business to death.  What your potential customers care about is their problems and how you’re going to solve them.

What you need the most for following your heart towards the passion you have is to be extremely good at it. If you are amazingly good, exceptionally smart at your passion, you have a fair chance of succeeding, however, if you are not, it isn’t the game for you.


Passion Plus

Before you hit “send” on the angry email you’re thinking about writing, I’m not saying passion is not important.  Its’ passion PLUS other things and create a successful venture.  Here some things to couple with the love of your business to give yourself a better shot at breaking through.


When you become an entrepreneur you essentially become your own product and just like any other product that you manufacture, you have to be able to judge what that product can do.  You may have a passion but can that passion produce AND can you take it from passion to profit.  You have to differentiate between desires, and passion. You have to analyze what you’ve got to offer to the world. Mere browsing through internet may be good for you but not for the world and do not expect people to be interested in what you love to do. You have to have something that is capable of bringing something to others’ lives.

Mark the Milestones

Plan for the vision that you are carrying in your mind. Then mark the milestones that you are going to touch during your journey. Simultaneously, mark the success parameters and scales that are going to show during your initial journey the rate of success that you are accomplishing.


Execution is of utmost importance because making a plan on your computer will not suffice. It happens with most of us that we make plans with great enthusiasm and then it doesn’t take us long to drift away for it. We ignore and tread a course not known by us. We always have to remember that during the journey, we may enter unknown territories, and we not only need sound and stable plans but also contingency plans to unwarranted situations.

Maximum Effort

Hard work is often never talked about when passion is mentioned.  Since hard work is not a feeling and is defined differently for everyone, we suggest you put in maximum effort.  Once you’ve reached the effort of your mind, talent, and work input, look at ways you can get the most out of those things.  You don’t ever want to fail with the feeling that there was more you could have done to succeed.


Practical Experience

Practical experience is as important as any other aspect because you cannot become an artist just by studying and criticizing paintings. You cannot become a swimmer after reading a book on swimming, no matter how comprehensive it is! Making a plan on execution of your ideas is not going to help, as it is quite possible that the obstacles foreseen by you may not be all that you are going to face. Make plans, take expert advice, and do everything you can to follow your enterprise, however, always keep in mind that there will be things to throw you off your plans, and you have to be ready for things that are not expected by you.

When you have a boss to tell you to do things, you may be able to go home every evening, watch TV, or play basketball, however, if you have your own business, your role is totally different. You have to be the boss, the worker, the manager, the laborer and many more things. You have to know many things at the same time too, because if you are an alien to some aspects of your own business, you may be taken for a ride and get ditched too.

That is why, the foremost thing to do is to educate yourself and know what you are getting into because your passion alone will never get you there.

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