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[Video] Elon Musk on Starting a Business “Have a High Pain Threshold”

Elon Musk has become one of most inspiring entrepreneurs of recent years.  His dream of lower cost space exploration and eventually colonizing Mars, has sparked everyone’s imagination.

Through his successes at Paypal and also with Tesla Motors, Musk knows what entrepreneurial success looks like.  In this video, he outlines a few points of what is needed to start a successful business.  We’d like to say Elon is one of our favorite entrepreneurs because of his vast knowledge and experience.  But honestly, we’re just looking forward to having place on Mars one day.

“You should take the approach that you, the entrepreneur, are wrong.  Your goal is to be less wrong.”


1. Have a high pain threshold.

2. Make sure you have a great product or service.

3. Constantly seek criticism.

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