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[Video] 5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stay Organized

You don’t need to be the most organized person in the world in order to run your business effectively.  But it helps.  Luckily, if your desk is  a mess and the post-it notes you have stuck to your iMac screen aren’t enough to keep you in line, Entrepreneur magazine was kind enough to produce a short video of the 5 best apps every entrepreneurs needs to stay organized. If you don’t have time to view the video, here is a list of the apps featured:


You are probably already using Evernote but if you are not, you may want to.  Evernote  is the ultimate note taking tool. It can organize your ideas, thoughts,handwritten  notes, articles and store them for you.

Tripit Pro

This app is great for you entrepreneurs that tend to travel frequently.  Tripit Pro allows you to view itineraries, let’s you know when flight seats become available, and consolidates all travel plans into one app.  Its really helps relieve the stress of travel and it also keeps track of your travel points.


This is the way to conference!  Uberconference allows you to conference without a pin number.  It is also pretty cool because while conferencing, the attendees have their social media profiles visible on screen and you’re able to see who is talking so there is no need to start your responses with “This is…again..”

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a pretty awesome app that allows you to turn documents into PDF files by just using your iPad or iPhone.  This little apps saves tons of time and replaces clunky scanners.


Dropbox allows you to store documents, notes, files, whatever and bring them along with you wherever you go.  If you really want to go pro and open up the internet, use Cloudwork or IFTTT to connect Dropbox to Evernote.

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