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Who is Shark Tank Guest Daniel Lubetzky?



While most people have heard of or possibly tried a Kind snack bar, many know very little about the person who created the product. However, if you are a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, you might have come across an episode or two featuring the founder of Kind Snacks, Daniel Lubetzky. Lubetzky’s story is an interesting one. His drive and business sense helped him create a $5 billion business with a purpose.

During his appearance on the show, Lubetzky was able to make some profitable deals with entrepreneurs, while giving the viewing audience some nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Daniel Lubetzky, what drives him, and some memorable moments as a Shark Tank guest.

Early Life and Education

Born on April 18, 1968, in Mexico City, Mexico, Daniel Lubetzky’s upbringing was steeped in a multicultural atmosphere. His father is a Holocaust survivor and his mother was a Lithuanian Ashkenazi Jew. This multicultural atmosphere shaped his worldview from a young age. As a child, Lubetzky quickly learned the value of tolerance and empathy. This was a theme that would later echo throughout his entrepreneurial and philanthropic pursuits.

After moving to the United States, he attended the Lycée Français de New York. He continued his education at Trinity University where he graduated with honors. Lubetzky earned his degree in Economics and International Relations. Subsequently, he attended Stanford Law School, earning his J.D. 

Career and Kind Snacks

Before establishing himself as a renowned entrepreneur, Lubetzky embarked on several professional paths including practicing law. However, his innate entrepreneurial drive led him to delve into the business world. He was concerned with the growing problem of obesity in America. Lubetzky wanted to create companies that were both profitable and purposeful. 

In 1994, Lubetzky founded PeaceWorks Inc., a not-only-for-profit food company that also helped foster partnerships between Arabs and Israelis. But Lubetzky wasn’t done. By 2003 he became concerned with the problem with obesity in the U.S. He wanted to help the situation by creating foods that were both tasty and healthy. He decided to launch Kind Snacks. 

The flagship product for Kind Snacks was called the “Kind Bar”. Within a year, Lubetzky was able to create $1 million in sales. In 2020, Mars Inc. bought a majority share in Kind Snacks. The deal was worth $5 billion. Today, Kind bars are sold in over 150,000 stores across the U.S. and 300,000 worldwide.



Shark Tank Moments

While millions of people have snacked on a Kind bar, many have never seen or heard of Lubetzky. That is until his appearance as a guest shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. In the tank, Lubetzky showcased his business acumen as well as his desire for entrepreneurship as he has several memorable moments.

Tadah Bar

John Sorial entered the shark tank looking for $300,000 for 10% of his company called Tadah Bar. The brand makes authentic vegan versions of frozen falafel wraps. On top of that, the founders of the company donate 25% to charity. Although his company had achieved $8 million in lifetime sales, in the previous 2 years Sorial saw his revenue flatten. This was due to a supply chain issue.

Soon after the revelation of the supply chain issue and also $400,000 of debt, Sorial’s pitch soon lost 3 sharks. The remaining 2 sharks, Mark Cuban and Lubetzky gave Sorial insight into his situation. Then, they both billionaires made him an offer. Cuban offered the entrepreneur $300,000 for 20% with a $500,000 line of credit. While Lubetzky offered $500,000 for 25% and a possible line of credit in the future but not as a part of the current deal.

Sorial decided to take Lubetzky’s offer because of his experience in the industry. It appears as if things worked out well for the entrepreneur as the company has made $4 million each year since appearing on the show. With Lubetzky’s help, of course.

Lubetzky’s 3 C’s of Entrepreneurship

Another memorable moment from one of Daniel Lubetzky’s visits was when he gave some entrepreneurs some advice about the entrepreneurial process. During a negotiation with two entrepreneurs who created a cleaning company called Blueland, Lubetzky mentions his 3 C’s of entrepreneurship. The 3 C’s are “creator, critic, and crusader”. In this explanation, he lets the entrepreneurs know that when you skip a step in this entrepreneurial process, you cannot successfully grow a business. Check out the short video to see how he explains it:

Philanthropy, Social Impact and More

Lubetzky’s commitment to social causes is not limited to his businesses. He has been an avid philanthropist. In 2008, he established the KIND Foundation. This charitable organization aims to foster kinder and more empathetic communities. The foundation has launched various initiatives aimed at promoting kindness and empathy. 

He also founded Empatico in 2010. Empatico is an initiative aimed at connecting children from different parts of the world. This is done through meaningful interactions and educational activities. 

Lubetzky has also written a book called, “Do the KIND Thing.” In the book, he talks about his philosophy of combining profit and purpose. His consistent efforts towards fostering peace and understanding have led him to be named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in 2015. While his business dealings have led to a net worth of $2.1 billion.



Daniel Lubetzky is an impressive entrepreneur and philanthropist. His entrepreneurial spirit and his firm belief in impactful and ethical business have fueled the growth of his successful companies. It has also positioned him as a sought-after expert in business and social entrepreneurship. Appearing as a guest on Shark Tank has given millions a glimpse at that man behind the Kind bar. Hopefully, it has also inspired many to follow in his footsteps.


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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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