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Moving your business to Albuquerque

This is a vibrant New Mexico city which offers wide range of factors which make it easy for business people to start or expand the businesses. These factors may include business policies that are not harsh, opportunities to network and fun places to hang out after work.it is mostly known for its tech scene whereby Facebook has considered opening a branch there.  The following are some of the reasons you should consider moving your business to Albuquerque.

There is no shortage of incubators

There has been a new and increased activity for incubators in this city which is known to have been funded by the city’s Economic Development Action (EDACT) fund. Programs such as Fuse makerspace offer support to startups and entrepreneurs which can help them build their companies from the ground. You can, therefore, move your business to Albuquerque due to its ability to offer continuous support that will ensure your business doesn’t fail.

Tech companies love it here

If you are planning to start a tech company, this is the city to be. Major companies such as AppCityLife were founded and succeeded in this city. It has also been rumored that Facebook is planning to expand its operations here. Moving your tech company here puts you at fire front that will enable you to maximize on the opportunities relating to your line of work.

There’s plenty of capital

In its effort to ensure that the city remains a hub for tech companies, the state of New Mexico has set aside $20 million which can be used to fund new tech companies and startups. Other funds in the city such as the Verge Fund have worked with new entrepreneurs and startups to see the birth and growth and expansion of new companies which would also end up being based in Albuquerque.

You can work from home without losing your mind

This city is a good place to meet and network with other entrepreneurs. This is key when you are starting or expanding your business, and therefore you will find yourself working overnight and staring at your screen for long hours of the night. You will need to get acquainted with internet providers as indicated in digital exits that will enable you to communicate with other people as well as work at the comfort of your house.

There are excellent co-working spaces

There are a lot of co-working avenues in the city that will enable you to work hand in hand with other members. This will allow you to share plenty of ideas and work together to achieve a common goal. An example of a co-working community is FatPipe ABQ.

You can make your business official in less than a day

The state has made sure that the process of registering your business and managing important logistics in the business. The city of Albuquerque has facilitated company incorporation, registration of federal and state tax IDs and presented a license in just a few hours. If you are looking to expand or start a company in short lifespan to facilitate your activities, this is the city.

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