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LinkedIn Acquires Recruiting Startup Connectifier

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This year, Linkedin will attempt to improve their recruiting and hiring products.  One of the biggest steps in that direction is their acquisition of Connectifier.

Linkedin said this in their earnings statement released February 4, 2016:

“In 2016, we have three priorities for our core hiring products. First, we will roll-out new Recruiter and Referrals across our existing customer base. Second, we will tie our existing products together into an easy to use suite – growing our potential to impact greater amounts of hiring with existing customers. And third, we will begin our journey towards addressing long-tail hiring by making Recruiter simpler to use, and introducing automated sourcing to help SMBs and hiring managers find and acquire talent.”

Connectifier is an AI company that helps recruiters find, qualify, and contact exceptional job candidates by leveraging a constantly growing database of more than 400 million candidates.  Some of their customers include Netflix, Facebook, Paypal, and Dropbox.

Connectifier was founded by  John Jersin and Ben McCann who previously worked for Google.  In 2013, Jersin (who is also CEO) was selected to the Socaltech 50, a list of the top 50 up-and-coming people in Southern California’s technology ecosystem.

The company prides itself on its value focused culture.  In this Pingboard article, Jersin spoke about how they maintained that culture during the team’s expansion. “Over time, we stopped worrying about the little things; realizing our culture was more about why we did things, rather than what we did. In other words, culture is about our values and how those values influence the actions of the company”, Jersin said.

The company is a heavy user and contributor to open source software.  Last year Connectifier raised $6 million in funding from Goldcrest Capital.

The acquisition of Connectifier, announced this afternoon, will further strengthen our core products and accelerate our product roadmap, leveraging powerful machine learning-based searching and matching technology to help recruiters and hiring managers find the perfect talent fit.”, Linkedin said in their earnings statement.

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