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[Video] Marcus Lemonis: How I Gauge an Entrepreneur’s Level of Commitment

An entrepreneur’s level of commitment can be just as important as their level of skill and expertise.  It takes a ton of commitment to start with an idea, develop a vision, and carry that vision all the way to the finish line.

That’s why investors are so attracted to entrepreneurs that are fully committed to their business and its success.

In this Inc.com video, Marcus Lemonis the star of CNBC’s The Profit gives some insight into how he can tell if an entrepreneur is really serious about succeeding in business.

To us, one of the things that stands out in this short video is Lemonis’s remark about the belief the entrepreneur has in their business.  He often tests the entrepreneur during a negotiation to see if they are willing to fight for their vision.  Lemonis will sometimes say ridiculous things to a business owner just to see if they will role over and agree to everything he says.

“I want people to say no, I want them to push back, I want them to argue with me.”

Check out the video to hear what The Profit has to say.

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