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How Prince2 Certification can help you master your career

Project Management can be a highly exciting and rewarding career however it is not an easy one. Managing the 3 backboness of projects; scope, resources, and costs require a formal structure as otherwise communication will break up and so will everything else. In having a formal and standard framework, you can make sure that everything stays above board, reduce the chances of mis-management, and increase your chances of successfully delivering a project. To be able to do this, a Prince2 certification goes a long way in helping you understand how a project is to be delivered and ensures that you and the customer speak the same language.

Prince2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environment) is a project management methodology that is customizable according to the exigencies of the project. Manage projects long enough and you realise there are certain commonalities because of which a framework would be of most benefit. Yet each project retains certain nuances that makes customisation of the framework not only beneficial but necessary – after all you must be able to offer certain leeway, more so as you do projects across borders.

Prince2 certification comes in 2 stages – stage 1 is the foundation level which aims to make sure that the student is fully aware and in understanding of the methodology that Prince2 promotes, as well as the principles and terminology used in project delivery. Prince2 Practitioner builds on the foundation level to fully integrate what you have learned previously in the management of different project management scenarios.

What will you learn in acquiring a Prince2 Foundation Certificate?

Prince2 certification offers a myriad of knowledge and expertise to its students which will prove to be more than useful as you manage projects of all sorts. Knowledgehut offers Prince2 certification course both online and in classrooms making it super-easy to get this much coveted certificate in the project management sphere. There is a lot to be learned in this course and you will be using what you learn to succeed.

Each project goes through phases, from start to finish. Understanding the cycle of the phases is very important as this will allow you to plan ahead and make sure that the required resources and artefacts required to complete any specific phase are both at-hand and available. Resource management is key to successful project management as each phase of the project is completed by the resources allocated to it. Misjudge the resource requirements and everything falls down like a house of cards quicker that you can say I should have done Prince2.

Understanding how to hold regular project reviews ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed of the progress and any possible risks and issues that will arise in the course of project delivery. No matter how hard you try to make sure that the requirements have been communicated clearly and signed on by all stakeholders, miscommunication and changing environments are more than likely to plague your project, threatening delivery and project closure. By holding structured and regular review meetings you can highlight issues well in advance and find compromises so that the project can continue to move forward.

Learning how to breakdown the project into manageable chunks ensures that each task can be finished and signed-off. The larger the chunk of work in any given task, the more resources and stakeholders get involved and should there be an unforeseen issue all progress halts, possibly on the entire project until things get resolved. Efficient breakdown as thought in Prince2 will ensure that the project is broken down into manageable tasks so that notwithstanding dependencies, you can continue to progress on the next set of tasks whilst issues are resolved. This helps you in making sure that assigned resources are utilised to the benefit of the project rather than have everyone sit on their hands until such issues are resolved.

Change control is another area that threatens projects across the world. Invariably, changes will be requested, sometimes due to changes outside of any one person’s control. Other times this will be due to misunderstandings that need to be rectified. Perhaps the salesperson has oversold, or the RFQ was not clear enough in responding to the client’s requirements. Managing change orders without a formal structure such as the one promoted by Prince2 is a complete minefield and the number of projects I have seen spiral out of control because of poor management of this is simply astounding.

In Prince2 you will also learn how to delegate and control tasks and responsibilities. Often, the project manager takes on more responsibility than one should to ensure that tasks are completed on time, within budget, and within the quality control remits stipulated in the project charter. This tends to lead to burnout which in turn leads to oversights and missed quality control. Delegating, whilst not always easy, is pivotal in ensuring successful delivery as well as the control in ensuring that things are getting done within allocated costs and defined scope. Forgo this at your own peril!

If you are considering a career in project management, or are in one but haven’t undergone training yet, Prince2 Foundation is a good place to start. It will equip you with enough insight that will help you that much more in your project management activities. Moreover, Prince2 is a widely-recognised certificate and whether you work with small or large clients, having this certification will not only add credibility, it will also provide you with the framework required to help you deliver.

When choosing to study for your Prince2 certification, make sure you choose a reputable school that employs certified experts. Case studies offer insight into real-world examples, well preparing you for the conditions and issues you will encounter in your project management career. The exam takes on a multiple-choice format with 60 questions that need to be completed in 1 hour. Remember, some questions are trickier than others, so it is not advisable to distribute your time equally.

Project management can prove to be a very exciting career and having Prince2 certification will make it that much more enjoyable and rewarding as you navigate the waters that is project management.

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