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Discouraging Doubters – 6 Myths about Serviced Offices Debunked

Serviced offices provide renters with a variety of perks. They usually occupy some of the most prestigious locations and are fitted out with some of the highest quality furniture. Any visitor would think a business renting a serviced office was a part of a corporate organisation because the furnishings are professional grade.

With world-class IT services and exceptional support staff, the serviced office provides businesses with a range of opportunities. While the prestigious address and polished veneer can be intimidating, the serviced office can be rented by businesses on even the most meagre incomes. In fact, the myths surrounding serviced offices are just that – myths.

Keep reading to learn the real truth about serviced offices and how they can add value to your business ventures.

Serviced Offices Are Extremely Expensive

As stated previously, many believe that the cost to rent the space monthly is ridiculously expensive because the space is fitted out with the world’s finest serviced office solutions. In fact, the opposite is true. The serviced office comes furnished and provides renters with office equipment and internet services, but surprisingly, the cost is much lower than the standard conventional office. One of the reasons why the cost is so much lower is because you pay one sum at the end of the month that includes the rent, the utilities, phone and cable. With a conventional lease, these bills are separate and vary depending on the bill.

Short-Term Leasing Is Only Available

Because the contracts are usually month-to-month, many believe you can only lease for a short time. In fact, these terms are what make the lease very flexible and make it easy for those to modify their lease if necessary. However, many businesses choose to remain in these leases for a couple years after their initial agreement.

Serviced Offices Are For Start-Ups

While many start-ups find the serviced office agreement one of the most flexible and inexpensive, the serviced office is rented by a number of different types of businesses. In fact, you might find businesses who have been in the area for years using the serviced office format. The serviced office format only streamlines renting office space, so any business that needs quick set up would benefit from the serviced office.

Serviced Offices Are Not Available 24/7

Because many serviced offices are in office buildings, many assume they close when the business closes. However, many of these plans make arrangements for renters to access their office after hours, whether it involves hiring a building attendant or giving you access through an electronic key. Furthermore, if there is no receptionist, an after-hours answering service is available to answer calls and record messages.

Location, Location, Location Does Not Matter With Serviced Offices

While many of these offices are well-furnished for business, their location does matter. Office buildings that are located near high traffic, prestigious, centrally-located areas provide businesses with the foot traffic needed to generate business. Furthermore, offices located at or near business districts are more accessible for both business and their patrons.

Serviced Space Interferes With Brand Identity

Brand identity comes from the public relations efforts of your business. These activities and the relationships that are formed from them will be the determining factor in shaping your brand. The serviced office only provides you with a place to think about and create activities that will be the foundation of your brand’s image.

Serviced Office Myths Debunked

The myths surrounding renting a serviced space abound. However, everyone’s experience of renting will depend on a million factors that might or might not relate to the serviced office plan. The only solution to knowing whether or not the serviced office is right for your business is to rent one.

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