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Bill Michelon: 10 Tips On Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur


Becoming successful often involves gaining knowledge from others who have previously attained their goals and are doing or have done well in their respective fields. For new and aspiring entrepreneurs, having a mentor is a remarkable blessing. However, not everyone can have a personal mentor but all can learn from the extensive wisdom and experience of Bill Michelon.

Bill Michelon is a noteworthy entrepreneur, marketing analyst, and digital media buyer. He has been able to master the art of using his skills to ascend to new and impressive entrepreneurial heights throughout his career. Here are his 10 tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur:

1. Take Action

Many individuals come up with a ton of remarkable ideas daily. However, none of those ideas will evolve into a successful venture without strategic action being taken. Taking action and moving on from the “talk” is the easiest method of getting on the road to success. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to transform your ideas into a workable action plan.

2. Be Consistent in Your Actions

To be successful, entrepreneurs must be movers and shakers. As a businessperson, you cannot afford to go over every single detail or you will never get anywhere. A startup is definitely not the place for procrastination. While it is important for entrepreneurs to take occasional breaks to unwind and relax, the startup stage demands total dedication to the task and consistent forward momentum. At each step, make a brief evaluation and move on it. It is essential to trust your instincts.

3. Be Passionate about What You Do

To keep a business strategy moving along, it will take passion, hard work and dedication. Being half-hearted in any entrepreneurial endeavor will eventually cause the drive to succeed to diminish. The ability to persevere is one of the main things that can guarantee success, even after encountering repeated failures during the process. Most of the efforts of Abraham Lincoln failed until much late in his life; however, he persevered and became one of the most recognizable names in history.

4. Do the Time

Success is never achieved immediately and, at one point or another, everyone was at the “beginner stage”. Even success stories that seem to happen overnight, if they are looked on beneath the surface, most have taken a long time to attain success. However, this should not deter you from investing time and effort into the ultimate success of your venture.

5. No Need to Rush

People hardly ever achieve success by jumping all in. Of course, you will come across success stories of individuals who have invested all they have, all at once, and became successful in a relatively short period of time. However, those stories are incredibly rare. Risk management is a crucial facet of any startup venture and it is essential to have balance. In the beginning, taking smaller risks will enable you to more easily absorb losses. Those will end up being productive and essential lessons.

6. Seek Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Many successful entrepreneurs were previously employed in their industry of choice prior to launching out on their own. Being mentored in the industry is a great launching pad for successful ventures. This provides the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors and find ways in which their model can be improved. Ideally, you should find a mentor who is willing to teach. When you leave, and think about launching your business elsewhere, you should not to be in direct competition with your previous place of employment.

7. Create an “A Team” of High Achievers

It is important to form a team with members who have the attitudes and skill sets that can provide support for the culture of the brand you would like to build. This will go far in fostering innovation and enhancing your reputation. Some of the people you rely on should come from outside of the company. This will help in the creation of a free marketing chain reaction, which can be used to build revenue and confidence.

8. Become a Pro at Self-Promoting

A decent elevator speech and lots of confidence can help to propel any pitch to another level. The first marketing exposure a company will ever experience will come from its founder. As such, it is important to invest time and effort into learning effective ways to share your vision without it coming across as too much of a “sales pitch.” You should never be afraid to request the sale; however, you should bear in mind that the client should always be the primary focus.

9. Obsessively Concentrate on Sales and Marketing

From a business standpoint, nothing really happens until you make a sale. From the very beginning, you will have to find effective means of getting leads, converting them into sales, and ensuring repeated sales from customers. This can be done by finding or creating a sales and marketing funnel system that can be worked, tested, measured, and used by anyone in your company.

10. Ensure You Have the Right Attitude

Your attitude as the founder of your company will set the atmosphere for the business. Undesirable traits like entitlement, negativity, and laziness can end up wasting time and money. Worst of all, these traits could tarnish your reputation and lead to the failing of your business. Being successful largely depends on making blunders and accepting culpability in stride. Facing challenges head-on and owning up to your mistakes will make is easier for people to look up to you as a leader.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur involves vision, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. These 10 tips from an entrepreneur who has already achieved remarkable success will assist you in more easily navigating your own path to success. To connect with Bill Michelon and keep track of his activities, you can follow his blog on BillMichelon.com. Additionally, you can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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