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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fax Machine for Your Office



The first fax machine may have been invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic. Although the fax machine has come a long way since then, it’s no longer the technological marvel it once was.  When deciding which devices and hardware you need in your office, the decision to purchase a fax machine will inevitably need to be made. However, there are many reasons why you may want to avoid spending money on a fax machine.  Here are a few to think about.

1. Costly

If you want a fax machine, you’ll have to spring for the machine, plus the accessories it needs, such as paper and toner. Tack on the storage space and the filing system to store all of your faxed items, and the costs keep adding up. 

Sometimes, a fax machine is bundled with other features. These features could include printing or scanning. If you do not require those capabilities, then you’re paying more money for things you don’t need. 

2. Hard to Maintain the Machine

The standards for fax machines haven’t been updated since 2005. To put it into better perspective, that’s back in the days of Internet Explorer 7 and the release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. 

A fax machine is creeping closer to being classified as outdated technology. Like any other machine, it will need occasional maintenance to keep it running smoothly. But it isn’t easy to find someone who will service a broken fax machine. You may end up buying a new fax machine more often than you’d like.

3. Timely

Sending a fax takes long enough, but when you are waiting for a fax before you can leave for the day or finish a business deal, it can feel endless. A traditional fax machine relies on a landline connection which could result in a lot of time standing around waiting.

If it’s a fax with sensitive information, you’ll have to hover around the fax machine, so that you can grab it. You’ll have to wait for the person to send the fax too. Depending on their location in the world, it could take even longer.

4. Technology Lag

Many of today’s technologies can send and receive information almost instantly with a simple click of a button. A traditional fax machine can’t keep up with the pace of modern society. 

For starters, a clunky fax machine doesn’t have the streamlined, slim appeal of the majority of current office-friendly tech. It also requires the use of a landline, a dinosaur relic from the days of dial-up internet. You’ll have to complete a form listing the fax recipient, your name and company, and the number of pages of your fax, every time you send a fax. It fast becomes a hassle. 

5. Lack of Organization

Sending and receiving faxes accumulates a whole lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, you have to find somewhere large enough to store all those important files. It doesn’t take long for a business to amass a large collection of faxes — and the filing cabinets to go with it. 

Sorting through paperwork is time-consuming. But, when you opt to use a traditional fax, it’s also unavoidable.

Why Should You Consider Online Faxing?

In 1945, there were five people for one working phone. Now, people communicate via cell phones, anytime and anywhere. That instant gratification spread into how we fax. Yes, there is a better way to fax, too. 

Online faxing is the modern approach to sending and receiving a fax. To begin, you don’t even need a landline. All it takes to fax is an internet-connected device. 

With online faxing, you don’t have to worry about splurging on a traditional fax machine or continually searching online using terms like “Where is a fax near me?” To get started sending or receiving fax online, you only need an internet connection, a compatible device, and a convenient service.

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