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4 Important Tips that are Essential in Creating Marketing Videos that Perform Great

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As the most powerful medium of marketing, videos occupy a special place on social media, websites, and various other platforms. Overall videos are able to generate more views, higher engagement, and better conversion rates than anything else.

Tapping into the potential of videos isn’t as simply as you may initially imagine though. If you want to make sure the videos you create are up to scratch, you need to take the proper steps and these 4 tips should set you on the right track:

  • Maximize the impacts of the first 10 seconds

Use the first 10 seconds of your video wisely, as they are extremely important. Within that time, your viewers will decide whether they want to stick around for more or not so you should make sure it always contain a powerful ‘hook’ that entices your audience and lets them know why they should watch the rest of the video.

  • Different platforms, different lengths

On every platform that you publish your marketing videos you should tailor the length of the videos based on the audience. For example on social media the attention span of audiences is short and you will want to make sure that your videos don’t exceed 30 seconds, whereas on video sharing platforms and your own website you can be a little bit more liberal with the length of your videos.

  • Play on emotions

Emotions are important and you should try to make sure that your video attempts to connect and play on them so that it attracts your audience’s attention and builds their interest. The exact nature of that connection can vary, but generally you’re going to want to try to involve humor, surprise, inspiration, or touching elements.

  • Capitalize on the visual nature of videos

Remember one of the strengths of videos is the fact that it is a visual medium – so take advantage of that. Typically many new video creators rely too much on voiceovers to deliver important information and as a rule of thumb you should always try to ‘show’ your audience what you mean rather than simply telling them. Sometimes by brainstorming how to ‘show’ the audience something you can come up with creative hooks that will improve your video as a whole.

Make no mistake, videos are powerful – but as you can see there is quite a lot involved in creating videos that really perform great and deliver on your marketing goals. With the help of Movavi software however, you will be able to equip yourself with the right tools to record, edit, and create professional-looking videos and multimedia content that is perfect for the task.

Rest assured even if you have little or no experience creating videos or other types of multimedia content, Movavi’s software is user-friendly enough that you’ll be able to learn how in no time. Just take a few minutes to give it a try and you’ll be well on your way to creating your first marketing video before you know it.


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