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3 Proven Branding Strategies You Can Utilize For Your Startup

As a new start-up, you should first build the trust among your potential customers through effective branding strategies. When you establish a trust and brand recognition among your prospective customers, you can definitely expect a boost in your sales figures and also demand a higher price for your products. Brand recognition is essential since customers decide on their purchase based on emotional attachments to a particular brand and perceived quality.

1. Visual branding through Logo and Images

Looks are always important when building a brand since the human brain understands pictures better than plain text. You should take great care in designing your logos, social media page, website, watermark, business cards and other brand identities so that they represent your brand in a positive way to your prospective clients. Even the colours and fonts you choose for your company’s logo carries a lot of meaning which gives a strong perception about your brand to the customers.

A logo is considered the face of your brand which will be used by customers to identity your company. You should make use of advanced AI-based branding platforms like Tailor Brands to create a unique, creative and attractive logo for your start-up. You can also create colourful infographics, business cards and other marketing materials at affordable prices using the branding tools available with such advanced platforms.

Another effective visual branding technique is creating a colourful collage of images and infographics which represent your brand values and sharing it through social media like Instagram or Pinterest. You should focus on the choosing the right colours and textures that will create positive feelings about your brand to customers. Video advertising is also an effective technique for marketing your brand and you can create short and memorable videos to communicate your brand values to customers. You can share such interesting videos through YouTube and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

2. Storytelling through Blogs and Websites

You should constantly communicate with your customers and tell them great stores which are engaging and informative. Consistency is very important in brand building and you should always remain true to your brand and build a consistent voice for your company. Blogs and company websites are the best ways to share engaging content to your target audience. You can share stories related to your company’s history, type of goods and services you offer and useful information about latest trends in the market.

You should also maintain your consistency in services, understand the changing demands of your customers and also deliver your promises without fail to win your customer’s trust. You should always be accessible to your customer and respond to their queries in a timely manner.

4. Social Media Campaigns and Online Communities

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to interact with your potential customers and share engaging content. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the currently the popular social media platforms which are used by Startups in brand building and customer engagement. You can host various events and social media campaigns to create awareness about your brand among potential customers. You should also share interesting and relevant content to your customers through social media forums.

In order to truly differentiate your brand in an increasingly crowded landscape, you should consistently communicate to your customers through social media channels and use visual branding effectively. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent for content curation. You can pick up topics which are relevant to your business and start sharing engaging content that reflect your brand’s personality through social media posts. You can also use various brand analytics tools to track your social media performance and make necessary changes to your strategy.

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