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20 Business You Can Start By Yourself

Many people who want to start their own business are often intimidated by the process. Many businesses require a person to find investment capital, a business partner, and a team to get going. Maybe you have a business idea and are thinking about asking a friend to join you or pondering how to find the money to build the business. However, finding investment is sometimes difficult and many business partnerships with friends do always end well

However, there are several businesses that you can start by yourself. Most of these businesses do not need much financial investment. Also, they can be started without having a team or business partner. All that is needed is skill, expertise, desire, and a willingness to put in the work. While many of these businesses do not need others at first, they do have growth potential. This means that you can start them by yourself now, but may need help later on to grow the business.

 In this article we will look at 20 businesses you can start all by yourself.


Graphic Design

Photo by George Milton: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-faceless-woman-working-on-laptop-and-graphic-tablet-7015034/

 Graphic designers are higher in demand than ever as more and more things become virtual. Businesses that want to stand out will need designs to help them do it. Whether it’s a logo for a brand, visuals for a website, or graphics online, you can sell your designs online to brands anywhere as a graphic designer. 

Every business or brand, digital or physical, needs a visually appealing platform online to enhance their business dealings. Individual graphic designers are constantly hired onto web design projects for this exact purpose; because those in marketing and business know exactly how crucial it is to have a solid online presence. Even selling designs like fonts or templates on e-commerce websites and digital storefronts is an open market for graphic designers to look into. 

There are so many different options and niches in this market. Becoming a graphic designer allows you to concentrate on an area of graphics you prefer. Once you become an expert in that concentration you can sell your services for more money as a tailored designer. 


Freelance Writer

 When people first start researching and considering making money online, many will start their search with freelance writing. It’s a skill most of us develop at a young age. And, if we can continue to perfect it, what’s to stop us from profiting from it? Various sects of freelance writing will come up when you begin your online search. Content writing, like blogs and articles, is one of these types of profitable freelance writing.

 If you find yourself knowledgeable in a certain subject or area, you can market your writing expertise to people willing to pay for that written information. Even travel blogs will regularly pay people to talk about the best things to do in notable places they’ve traveled to. Once you pick and develop your niche you can market your skills to potential clients anywhere. 


Freelance Video Editor

 Have you ever taken a class in film and video editing? Did you learn how to edit video on Adobe, or another software, for a project or assignment? With some practice, you can turn that little bit of experience into an online business curating video content for creators who lack editing skills. Many creators have a platform where they’re able to create and produce content for a good amount of viewers. However, not all these creators possess the editing skills necessary to efficiently and aesthetically edit such content. 

Even smaller businesses and brands will hire freelance video editors to splice up promotional videos for them. Starting on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr will allow you to build a platform of experience online while pitching your skills to clients and jobs you’re best suited for. You would be able to take on the jobs you want, and work with the clients you wish, all while gaining more experience and continuing to build your business in video editing.


Virtual Assistant

 Becoming a virtual assistant is a job that can be worked from the comfort of your home. Performing tasks like scheduling appointments, or making travel arrangements, virtual assistants are paid to take on the smaller but necessary tasks their clients are too busy for. If you have no experience, other assistants recommend taking a couple of online courses to get started. 

Once you build your background, you can start on your brand. Create an online presence to offer your services to those who might be interested. Starting on freelance sites to build your platform and engage directly with clients would be a great way to start your virtual assistant career. 

It would also allow you to cultivate your hours and prices independently of what a company may ask of you. Once you land a consistent contract, it’s fairly easy from there for your work to become a full-time paying job.


Personal Trainer

Image by Freepik

 Do you have a consistent gym routine? Ever think about filming your workouts and progress for others? Many fitness gurus can turn their health journeys into a business by offering their services to those who are just starting. If you’ve been going to the gym consistently for several years, or even just several months, it’s safe to assume you know more than the average person who doesn’t work out. 

Post progress videos to your Instagram, offer your wisdom, and research to your friends. You don’t need to have a team or fitness connections to start a business training others in the gym. However, it is best to become a certified personal trainer. This means obtaining your certification in the field. This will add some credibility. It will also give you more education on the profession. 

Being a personal trainer simply means knowing what you’re doing. And, being able to lead other people through what to do. The important thing is personalizing your expertise to what your client’s goals and body types are. 


Handyman services

 Do you have a background or skill set in maintenance and repair work? There are many online databases catered specifically to connecting handymen and people in need of maintenance help. Similarly, you can also self-promote your services through a personal page on Instagram or a website. 

Being a handyman would mean schedule flexibility. Your day-to-day routine can fluctuate depending on the number of hours you want to work or how far you are willing to travel. It gives you full autonomy that a 9 to 5 wouldn’t. And allows you to operate within a niche you excel in. Maybe you’re an expert in house carpentry and furniture assembly but detest plumbing. You can answer to the jobs that suit your preferences and avoid the ones that might be better suited to someone else.


Mobile Mechanic

 If you have a background in mechanics and a van you’re willing to dedicate to the job, becoming a mobile mechanic might be just for you. Mobile mechanics are repairmen who will perform their services wherever their van will take them. Whether it’s driving to someone’s home or office space, you can make substantial money bringing your workshop straight to someone’s door. 

It also means that as long as you have the tools and meet the requirements necessary, you can work for yourself. With a little bit of promoting and selling, you can use your skill to become the local mobile mechanic for the establishments you care about. Maintaining machinery is a never-ending job. This means that it’s unlikely that you will run out of work. And being able to travel to the cars or machines that need repairing secures your position in a populated field. 

Developing your expertise as you continue your career will eventually earn you a consistent client base and expansive opportunities.


Cleaning Service

 Busy households and dense workplaces are always hiring cleaning services from whatever local company or list is available. The cleaning business model is one where you can sell your services as an independent cleaner to households. Or, you can focus on commercial cleaning. 

You can even work both. Develop a clientele of households near you that consistently wants your services and take on company jobs on other days. It’s also a self-starting business that only requires some level of experience and utilities. Once you offer your services to the locals near you (maybe for less money if you’re just getting started) and secure their confidence, you will be able to expand your business and your clientele. 


Clothing Line

It is easier than ever before to start your clothing line. Designers who want to become self-employed will usually start by posting their creations online. And, also pitching ideas to customers who may be interested in their niche. Social media drives the process of developing a clothing line. It allows you to determine what is currently trending and test if people would care about the brand you’re selling. 

Try out websites like Printify, online platforms that allow you to create products directly on the website. Create the product, receive a sample of it, and link your account to an online store like Etsy or Shopify for sale. After customers purchase your products, Printify will receive their orders. They will then send the customers the product directly. Ensuring that you’re still selling quality work without the hassle of packaging and sending out your orders yourself.


Hair Stylist


 Are you naturally good at different types of hair-curling, braiding, up-dos, or other hairstyles? Self-start a business as a hairstylist by filming videos of your skills and developing a brand. Soon enough, you may find people coming to your page frequently to check out your latest hair tutorials and request your services. Help kick off the process by offering your services to friends and family for free and filming the process. 

By curating an online presence, you will be able to market your skills to a wide variety of women and occasions where a hairstylist is necessary. Whether it’s the local Prom or a destination wedding, the market is wide for hair stylists to make their mark. Becoming a hair stylist gives you the freedom to choose the jobs you prefer while charging the rates you feel you deserve. 


Social Media Account Manager

 Nearly every growing business is using social media in some capacity. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are excellent tools for finding leads and building a brand. This makes social media account management one of the most accessible businesses to start yourself. 

Although becoming a social media account manager does require little help, typically from the primary owner of the account, it is overall self-driven and straightforward work that mostly involves interacting with followers and posting new content. A skill that would be helpful while doing this work would be friendliness and customer service since followers can be converted into customers over time. Becoming a social media account manager is made possible through freelance apps and websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Steady, where individuals can apply to manage a client’s social media account/accounts.


Content Creator

 Another online option is to become a content creator. Being a content creator is a fun way to grow wealth while living your life. This is a business that can be started at any time in any place that has a good internet connection. Members of the content creation community keep themes among their content to relate well to their followers. Essentially, allowing their business to run off of their own popularity. 

Becoming a content creator in 2020s could be as simple as posting daily to your YouTube channel. Or, sharing your thoughts and ideas on a blog. All that is needed to get started in this field is good energy and a laptop or your cell phone, as you can become a content creator for nearly any website online with the proper amount of research. 


Online Reseller

Although collecting comic books and old sports cards may seem redundant, these old collectibles can be items of fortune. As an online reseller, individuals can take their collectibles or purchase items in bulk. Then sell them for more than what they were originally worth. This in exchange brings a 20-50% profit to the reseller. This makes the resale industry beneficial to the entrepreneurs who pursue it. 

If there are not any collectibles lying around or buying items in bulk isn’t ideal, however; do not worry. Some resellers also sell clothing and art. Reselling items online can be done on eBay, Amazon, Depop, and many other sites across the internet.


Dog Walking Business

 Tech work can definitely be intriguing, but another way to start a self-sufficient business is to take up dog walking. This business is a simple and fun way to network while meeting your neighbors’ furry companions. Alongside being able to make new acquaintances, the dog walking business also brings back many customers. Anyone can begin a dog walking business by posting services to social media or by socializing with their neighbors who have pets.


Bakery Business

An industrial-sized kitchen is not needed to get started in the sweet business of baking. Starting a bakery business can be done with the right amount of flour, a sense of creativity, and several flavorful ingredients. 

Running a bakery business can be as simple as letting family members know that you constantly create delicious creations and they are for sale. If it is desired to enhance a baking business, social media may come in handy; as you can make a page dedicated to selling your sweets on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


Photography Business

Photography is an easily learned skill that comes naturally with time and practice. Those who have a talent for it may be able to pick up on this profession with efficiency. 

Those in the freelance photography business may be able to earn nearly $50K per year. Although that does fluctuate based on the number of clients and quality of photography services. Those in the photography business may choose to share their services on several social media platforms and through networking. 


Online Tutoring

 Online tutoring is becoming more and more popular in the digital age. As more students begin to work remotely, the demand continues to rise. Online tutoring is an option that will help both the minds of you and your students grow. Tutoring is something that can be done by anyone who knows enough about a certain subject. You can tutor subjects like math, chemistry, English and social studies. 

Using apps such as Preply, Teachable, and Kahoot would be good places to start. 

Lawn Maintenance

 Lawn maintenance is another easy business to start. This business does require investment. It is essential to have lawn care tools such as a lawn mower or weed wacker in this business. Getting hands-on might be more grueling than working from the keyboard. But, this business can bring in profits up to nearly $300K per year.

Still wondering if you should start a business by yourself or with a partner? Check out our article Should You Start a Business Alone or With a Partner.

Ecommerce Store

With the rise of online shopping, ecommerce stores have access to a vast customer base from all over the world. This allows for a larger potential customer base. By running an ecommerce business alone, there is also more flexibility in terms of decision-making and work schedule. With the use of various online tools and resources, it’s easier to manage and grow an ecommerce business on one’s own.

Affiliate Marketing

Instead of launching your own product, affiliate marketing allow you to promote someone else’s. As an affiliate marketer, you get when someone purchases a product you promoted. This is an easy business to start by yourself of many reasons. Firstly, it’s a low-cost way to start an online business as it doesn’t require the creation of your own product or inventory. It can also be done from anywhere in the world.  As an affiliate marketer, you have access to a wide range of products and services to promote. This means you can choose what aligns with your interests and expertise. Additionally, the potential for earning is limitless, as you earn a commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link.



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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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