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What Are the Benefits of Direct to Garment Printing of a Clothing Business?

Printing photographs or designs on garments can be done in different ways. One option is to use a heat press. Logos or words are printed on a special paper, which is then pressed against a garment using a heat press. The other way is to use a direct to garment printer. Printing is done directly from a digital image on a computer to the garment.

Using direct to garment printing helps you create great event merchandise and has the following other advantages over using a heat press.

Ability to Print on Any Garment Color

You can print any color of ink on a garment of any color. An inkjet printer gives you the freedom to select as many colors to include on your apparel as you want. You have no limitations when you use a digital printer. However, it is advisable to print light colors on dark colors to make designs visible.


Setting up a Direct to Garment Printer is Easy

Unlike a heat press machine, a direct to garment printer is easy to set up and use. You only need to have the printer, the color of ink you want to use, and the garment you want to print. Anyone can do garment printing using a direct to garment printer.

Fast Processing

Printing directly on a garment takes less time than using a heat press. You can take quick orders from customers and still manage to deliver on time. You only need to have your desired logo on a computer just like normal paper printing.

Ability to Print Complex Pictures

A heat press has a limitation on the level of complexity you may print at once. Surpassing such a level produces deformed logos. A digital to apparel printing method can print complex pictures. No picture or logo is too complicated for an inkjet printer. Using a digital to apparel printer to print complex garments is also cheap. Making a complex design may only be hard on the computer.

Versatility in Printing

If a customer asks for a sample garment before making a full order, you will easily produce a sample when you have a direct to garment printer. Due to the printer’s easy to set up nature, you will comfortably print samples. Selecting the number of garments to print is easy on an inkjet printer. Having a digital to apparel printer gets you more customers.

Ability to Print Many Colors

If you have to print a picture with many colors to a garment, use a digital printer. Add the colors you wish to see on your garment and click print on your computer. The printer itself will regulate the colors according to the digital image on your computer. Your result will be a perfect replica of your digital image on your computer. No color mixes will occur. A direct to garment printing method is suitable for printing images that have many colors. You only have to replace ink when it runs out in cases where you are printing garments in bulk.


Acquiring a digital to apparel printer has many benefits. Get orders completed within short periods by printing garments digitally.

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