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[Video] Gary Vaynerchuk: One Is Greater Than Zero


We all would love to get an invitation to be on Conan or The Today Show so that we can showcase our business to millions of people.  Gary Vaynerchuk believes that in order to get to that level of exposure, you need to start with reaching just one person.

The author of “Crush It”  and “#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awarenessalso believes that in order to build your cadence for meeting with ultra successful CEOs, you need to practice meeting with small business owners.  In this video, Vaynerchuk explains why he still does interviews for small vlogs that may only reach 100 people even though he is getting offers to appear on major network shows.

Here are some notable quotes from the video:

“It baffles me how many people think that they’re bigger than they actually are.”

“I’m always about depth versus width.”

“Are willing to take 10 minutes to get 195 views?  I am”.

“It’s about not saying ‘no’ even though you’ve “made it”.

“Before you get a meeting with Zucks [Mark Zuckerberg] or Cuban or Barry Diller or whoever you are trying to have a meeting with in the business world, you have to have a bunch of little meetings”.

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