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[Video] 5 Proven Methods to Beat Procrastination

Video Length: 1:36

Even the most productive and motivated individuals have their battles with the beast of procrastination.  One of the worst things about putting things off, is the guilt and regret that follows.

We’ve found a short Business Insider video that breaks down the 5 steps anyone can take to beat procrastination.  If you’re a chronic procrastinator, you’re probably thinking about watching this video later.  We understand. Here is a short breakdown of the 5 steps outlined in the video.


1. Start Easy-Gain momentum so that you can get through more tasks quicker.


2. Take it Easy on Yourself-Don’t beat yourself up if you put off a task.  Beating yourself up will only lead to discouragement.


3. Know Yourself-Know what you can handle.  Don’t take on too much or things will eventually get put off.


4.  Break it Down-Breakdown large projects into smaller ones.  It will make the job a lot easier.


5. Find Your Reason-If you focus on the reason behind the task, you’ll be more likely to tackle it and maybe even enjoy it,

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