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Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends for 2019 and Beyond

2019 is coming to an end. We all have witnessed changes in major technology trends but it is just the beginning. Technology is evolving and trends are changing faster than ever; individuals and companies that do not keep up with the current changes are likely to go obsolete. 


A deep understanding of the latest emerging technologies will help people get new business opportunities and enhance their existing processes. This article is about the technology trends that you should prepare for in a few years. 



  • Automation – Automation has entered almost every industry, reduced burden and gained a good reputation. We see a shift from stand-alone things to complex automatic systems that are intelligent enough to solve multiple problems. For example, cars now come with intelligent parking systems that fully automate the process. Similarly, automation is believed to enter new industries and bring solutions to problems that are not even thought of yet. 




  • Shift to hybrid cloud – Most of the IT companies have shifted to cloud systems from physical servers to reduce infrastructure costs and for faster results. Cloud computing has seen massive growth in recent years and is expected to grow in the coming years as well because of its high scalability and a wide variety of problem-solving abilities. Cloud systems are expected to shift to hybrid cloud systems soon with the aim of further reducing costs and to speed up delivery. 




  • Data is expected to be more secure – Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing concern, especially after recent scandals from giants like Google and Facebook. People are talking about it every day and becoming more concerned. Governments of various countries are planning to take some strict measures to secure the personal details of people. 


Intelligence is believed to be the key here. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence together will play a crucial role in this shift, making systems more independent and intelligent in decision-making to prevent hacks and data breaches. 



  • IoT – Internet of Things (IoT) is evidently visible in all aspects of our daily life. New products are entering the market with attributes like ‘internet’, ‘connected’, ‘smart’ ‘intelligent’, and the like. It is a huge mistake to consider IoT as ‘done’, rather this is just the beginning according to many experts. 




  • AR over VR – Virtual Reality (VR) has entered multiple segments of business and real-life applications and has witnessed growth in recent years. However, there are certain limitations of VR that experts predict can be solved by Augmented Reality (AR). 


We are witnessing an upward trend towards AR, Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go being the best examples. People also demand something that binds with their real-world rather than creating its own virtual world. 

AR does not require any headsets whereas a device like Google Cardboard is needed for VR in mobile devices. Also, AR gives a personalised experience to the users, making sure that user engagement is high.  



  • eLearning – The shift from the physical world to the digital world is seen in almost every industry, learning industry not being far behind. The development of technologies like AI, cloud computing, VR, etc. have also helped to move from traditional learning methods to eLearning. Learning companies have transformed into eLearning companies and eLearning companies are now transforming into mobile learning companies to incorporate such new technologies and to stay ahead of their competitors. 




  • Blockchain – Blockchain has been around for many years but people and financial institutions are now realising its benefits. We can witness the correct use of blockchain in the near future. Some people argued that blockchain is overhyped and useless; while many banks and financial institutions are already benefiting from the technology. 



Final Words

These are some really exciting technologies that are believed to transform the world that we live in. Some of them are already here and making their contribution to enhance the already existing processes while some are being developed and will soon hit the markets.

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