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Thoughts from Winnipeg’s Tom Haughton: What Makes Better Business Leaders

If the old mantra that “people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers” is true, then becoming a better leader is key to the success of every business. Job stability, an enjoyable work space and a fulfilling career are what every working professional desires, and good business leadership makes them possible.

In his career, Tom Haughton has proved this to be true. As vice-president of My Place Realty in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helping lead the group of companies since 2012, his mission is to provide quality, multi-family homes that people are proud to call home.

Thomas Haughton has 20 years of experience training and developing teams to run various departments within retail and wholesale operations, and he has a thing or two to say about what it means to be an effective leader.

If you are new to entrepreneurship or need a little direction, here are four key thoughts to create your own success in business and foster the same in others:

Be visionary.

Vision is in some ways a metaphysical word, but in business leadership it has a practical application. Whether you have employees or you are a solo-preneur working out of your home, you are a leader.  Knowing what motivates you and clearly identifying your purpose, you set the tone and atmosphere for your business. This is a problem for entrepreneurs in the start-up phase, because they are required to wear so many hats. It is easy to get lost in the minutiae. But ultimately, you must shake off the actions that don’t fulfill your purpose, so that you can hone in on what does.

Strive to make your workplace attractive.

Through his years of management experience, Tom Haughton has fostered an enjoyable and effective workplace by creating respect in a collaborative work environment, one that is eager to learn and accept cultural differences, for example.

“In every team situation, everyone has a part to play, a point of view, and a way of looking at life. If it’s different than yours, it can be an opportunity for growth, both as individuals and as a team,” Haughton adds.

Embrace change effectively and your staff will, too.

Some people like the challenge and excitement of constant change, but others find it stressful. Learning new technology, for example: it may be difficult or expensive to implement, but it is key to keeping your business current. “New technology has allowed our tenants to communicate easily at any time of day through our website, by email, and through messenger or texts,” Haughton says. “This kind of technology enables our staff to provide better and timelier service.”

Give generously to the world around you.

When you sacrifice your time and energy to the comfort of others, no matter how small an act—it reminds you that all of us have a part to play in the game of life. It’s great for your company’s sense of social responsibility and for team-building, but most of all, it feeds your individual connection to the world. Chances are, it will make you hungry to do more.

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