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Overnight Success: Gary Vaynerchuk


One of the things that entrepreneurs are bad at is patience.  We want things done and we want it done yesterday.  That lack of patience is great when there deadlines and cutoff times that are looming.  But it is not so great when we have to wait 6 months or 6 years for our business to reach the tipping point.

Most new entrepreneurs understand that starting a business is difficult.  But many are not ready for the shock they face when, months later, they are still trying to gain some traction.

In this short video, entrepreneur and Best-Selling author Gary Vaynerchuk seeks to destroy the myth of an “overnight success”.  Vaynerchuk, who is the founder of VaynerMedia and author of “Crush It!“, started a video blog called Wine Library TV in 2006.  The show was created so that Vaynerchuk could help boost sales of his wine business. But the show went virtually unnoticed for nearly 2 years.  Eventually, the business grew to $60 million in sales.

Here, Vaynerchuk tells the story of the years of work that lead up to the success of Wine Library TV, his wine business and media company.  If you are feeling discouraged about the slow growth of your business, you may want to revisit this video often.  It will help remind you that success is preceded by hard work and time.


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