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Are You the Next Mark Zuckerberg? Then Canada Wants You: Canada Issuing Startup-Visas to Future Billionaire Entrepreneurs

It is almost impossible to get a work permit from the United States of America if you were not born in Canada or Mexico. Twitter (TWTR) and LinkedIn (LNKD) cannot hire all the cheaper foreign software developers they need and none of these companies are making any money despite the fact both of these companies are currently selling more than two billion dollars in advertisements each year.

It is very complicated for a politician to change the current immigration laws when there is extremely high unemployment in California.
In fact, only the District of Columbia, Nevada, Rhode Island, Mississippi and Georgia are in worse shape than California.

A software developer currently makes on average $58,908, which means you can actually work for as little as a decade and retire with at least a million dollars, assuming that you save at least half your salary the entire time and assuming that you hire someone like me to handle your money and invest it wisely in the stock markets.

There are a lot of smart individuals in Brazil, China, Russia, India and they all have the required technical skills to build the next Uber, which is currently worth $18.2 billion after only 5 years.

It appears Canada is smarter than the United States of America and they have decided that they want to import all the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world and collect a gazillion Canadian dollars in taxes in the near future when the number of Canadian companies in the Forbes 2000 grows from 57 to 114 and the number of American companies in the Forbes 2000 drops by an equal amount.
It does not matter anymore if the United States of America is forcing you to jump through hoops to get a piece of paper that says that you are allowed to work for McDonald’s or Wal-Mart.  You can now easily move to Canada with a Start-Up Visa.

How do I get a Start-Up Visa?

You only need four requirements to qualify. If you are reading this then you already have completed the first requirement: You need to speak English or French. In order to prove that you can easily understand at least one of these languages you need to take a test from one of the four companies approved by Canada: University of British Columbia, University of Cambridge, IDP Australia and The British Council.

The second requirement is equally easy. You only need to have a basic level of education, which you probably already have if you are considering starting your own company. If you have completed at least one year of post-secondary education, then you are ready to go.

The third requirement is incredible simple. You only need to have a few dollars saved. If you are going by yourself, then you only need at least $11,824 and if you are going with more than seven family members then you need at least $31,291.
IMPORTANT NOTE: A MasterCard with a credit limit of at least $11,824 DOES NOT COUNT as money.
If you cannot even save enough to survive on your own for a year, then you are probably not going to build the next Pinterest, which is currently worth at least $5 billion after only 4 years.
The last requirement is extremely complicated. If you survive this step, then you are probably going to have a fortune of at least $100 million in a few decades.
You need to prove that your business venture or idea is supported by a designated organization.

What is a designated organization?

There are three types of designated organizations

VCs ($200,000)

Angel Investors ($75,000)


There are currently 23 VCs, some of which are:

BDC Venture Capital

DRI Capital Inc.

iNovia Capital Inc.

There are currently 3 Angel Investors:

Angel One Network Inc.

First Angel Network Association

Golden Triangle Angel Network

There are currently 5 incubators:




Innovate Calgary

Toronto Business Development Centre


You need two things from these organizations: A $200,000 or $75,000 check and a letter of support for the first two types and only a letter of support for the third type.

Good luck up there you future billionaire, you.

Alejandro Guillu

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