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Moving Your Business? 7 Time and Money Saving Tips

On the whole, moving is not only overwhelming, but also expensive and time-consuming, especially for a business. However, you can prepare and make the move as seamless as possible by following the tips below. Keep in mind, the more time you dedicate to planning, the less business time and money you are likely to waste!

Sell or Donate Old Equipment

Before you start packing, take the time to get rid of all your old office furniture, phones, PC’s, and printers. Some of your old office equipment and items can find new homes in startups just getting to their feet. In addition, you can recycle them and even earn a tax deduction once you donate your unused items to organizations that accept them.

Pack Early

It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute, and you can start by packing regularly used items. Many people will underestimate the time required for packing by days, and if you have a huge inventory, think about the number of weeks that you need to go through them. Cut the cost for packing by buying used boxes and packing items. 

A Moving Company

If you intend to hire a moving company, get in touch with one at least one or two months before the move date. Use directories like https://executiveautoshippers.com/moving-companies/ to get different price quotes.

If the company will pack for you, keep in mind that they will pack literally everything, including the refrigerator with food inside! Make sure that you pack any perishable items yourself or you will end up with rotting food at your new office.

Mark Boxes

It’s easier and faster to locate your items when you store them in marked boxes – mark both the sides and tops. Marking just the tops will make it hard to find your office items, especially when you have tens of stacked boxes. Consider numbering your boxes so that it is easier for the moving company to track each one of them.

Pack Cables

Whether you only have two or 20 computers in your office, the best way to move them is by removing their cables ahead of time. Store these cables in zip-locked baggies with descriptions written on them about the computer they belong to. Removing cables helps reduce chances of damaging them, or losing them, and keeps pins and ports protected.


If renting a truck, make sure you check the insurance coverage it has. While private insurance policies cover damage to the rental car, few cover damages to your items. If you’re working with a moving company, find out about the options they have in regard to protecting your belongings.

If possible, ask the company to show you a copy of their workers’ comp or proof insurance. If you hire a truck company without insurance or day labor, you will be partially liable for any injuries to workers during the moving process.

Spread the Word

Never forget to update your contact information on your website, business cards, and stationery. Most importantly, update your website first since it is the cheapest and easiest. You also need to notify your bank, creditors, and post office.

If you are billing customers, ask them to update their contact information so payment is sent to the right address. Ensure you have a list of everyone you work with and anywhere you advertise to make the process easier.


Make sure to plan your move wisely so as to ensure that the process is smooth and nothing goes wrong. Expect some business downtime and plan how your business will make income during the process.

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