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How to launch a business while still in college

College years remain among the brightest memories in a person’s life. These years are saturated with all sorts of events like no other life period. Youngsters finally start to feel independent and responsible for their own lives. They want to try themselves in all spheres of adulthood, acquire new knowledge, master new skills, build personal relationships and get acquainted with interesting people.

However, the question is how to fully enjoy all the benefits of a student’s everyday life and take advantage of it? How to afford fun trips around the world, and the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country? What about those noisy discos, fashionable clothes, and sentimental gifts to your beloved one? Of course, you can ask for money from your parents who are already paying for your tuition fees, apartment/dormitory rental as well as your day-to-day expenses.

Alternatively, you can get a job as a waiter, bartender, babysitter, etc. However, these jobs are not well paid, and the work schedule itself is not always convenient for your studies. The only way out is to start a business, which would allow you to earn some money without distracting you from the main activity, which is studying.

Business ideas for college students

Trust the little grey cells, as Hercule Poirot advised.

By the way, students always tend to come up with the most creative and original ideas for business. Young people already have sufficient theoretical knowledge, and they have some life experience, but their thinking has not been pinned down by generally accepted clichés, which means they are full of enthusiasm and fearlessness.

In the case when the level of your IQ is above average, and you have a social circle consisting of clever individuals or even nerds in any field of science, you can take advantage of it having taken into account the experience of Australian students. They created a website, the point of which was that anyone could formulate a question that they wanted to get an answer to. For a given remuneration, a group of international students thought through an option of solving a given problem for one night and ultimately submitted some solution along with a specific plan of action.


Intelligence-related ideas

If you are intelligent enough, you can make some money writing term papers or some other academic works – check this reference. Alternatively, you can engage in foreign translations, etc. Such a business implies that you have excellent knowledge of the academic material, punctuality, and accuracy in the performance of a given task. You can distribute some leaflets with your offer in the classrooms and corridors of your educational institution to attract those first customers.

However, if you are not sure about your expertise, you can offer computer-typing services. To do this, it is enough to have a PC and the speed-typing skills.

Best business for students is tutoring. You can give private lessons to children. In case, for any reason, you are not suitable for this occupation, you can earn some money working as a nanny who: (1) takes care of a child for several hours a day, (2) collects them from school or kindergarten, (3) takes them for a walk or (4) helps with homework.

Beauty-related Ideas

Business ideas for students related to the beauty sphere are also in demand. If you are well versed in fashion trends, and you are sociable and communicative, you can work as a shopper. This is a person, who helps buy some fashionable clothes, filling their wardrobe with basic clothing items and accessories. A shopper accompanies their client in the shops and helps them choose some clothing. A shopper can receive double payment for their work. First, they will get paid by the customer and second, they will get some interest fee from the store owner in which the purchase was made.

You could also make some good money offering haircut, makeup, braid braiding, etc. services. Watch for new products in the beauty industry, attend specialized workshops, and you will be a demanded specialist.

Cleaning-related Services

When thinking about what kind of business to do as a student, do not forget about such a niche as cleaning services. To start such a business project, it is enough to arm yourself with an arsenal of cleaning supplies and working gloves. Place your cleaning service offer in newspapers, on Internet classifieds, and in office and administrative centers. This way, you will manage to get your first money.

Business idea for creative students

If you have the ability to dance, sing, show tricks, play various musical instruments, you can partake in various skits, perform in the theater or arrange costume parties.

As an option, you can get in touch with some agencies specializing in organizing holidays and offer your services as a guest artist if you are looking for business projects for college students.

Another way to go is to run some quests. This type of entertainment is gaining increasing popularity among people. If you manage to come up with an original idea and implement it professionally, you will be able to make some good money.

Bio for Nicolas Walker:

Nicolas is a young entrepreneur who started his own food delivery company back in his college years. He successfully pursued a Master’s degree in Economics at one of the US universities. While studying, Nicolas discovered his interest in logistics, which later he managed to turn into a profitable business. Now he is working towards expanding his company’s operations.

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