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How Employees Can Begin Their Transition to Entrepreneurship

It feels like everyone is talking about becoming an entrepreneur. Given a chance, would you like to become one? If the opportunity presents itself, do you grab or let it go?

Starting a business is not a big deal. It is exactly the same as doing something you have never done before. You may have forgotten all about it, but once upon a time, you could not speak. Instead of walking, you stumble and end up crawling. But you learned.

Starting a business is not about the act of starting one. It is all about learning the mindset of an entrepreneur. It’s a great thing that you are reading this post. StartUp Mindset has several other articles on the topic of starting a business for the first time.  So before you continue reading, bookmark this site now. To stay updated on new articles, follow us on social media.

Now, let’s get back to entrepreneurship and how you can become one. As an employee, you acquired skills from school that you use in your job today. At work, any training you received were to ensure that you do your tasks, for the benefit of the company.  Let me show you some of the best ways to transition from employment to entrepreneurship.

Learning to be an entrepreneur is like learning golf

Let me take a moment to talk about learning how to play golf. The easiest way is to go to a driving range. They will have golf pros you could hire to coach you.
Golf is not about power, strength, or speed. Rather, it is about form. A golfer must be able to swing a club in good form.
Is it important to hit the golf ball each time you swing? Or it is better to miss the ball while learning the proper form of swinging?
Hitting the ball is like the things you do when you run a business. The proper form of swinging is your attitude. Anyone could get into entrepreneurship, but without the right attitude, do you think the business will be successful?

Let’s continue with golf. As you continue to learn how to swing, and you do it again and again, you commit the movement to muscle memory. When you put into practice the things you learned to enhance your attitude, it becomes your habit.



Everyone is a friend

Relationship matters. We all know that. How are relationships formed? I have one word for you: cultivate.
When you meet new people, you work on developing a relationship. At the same time, you keep in touch with people you know from the past. Planning to be an entrepreneur is not about thinking of the business you could do. It begins with writing down a list of people you know:

  • Family and extended family members
  • Schoolmates and classmates
  • Organizations and activities
  • Previous to current employment
  • Random people you meet

There are many reasons why you need to cultivate relationships, but the best time to do that is now. Perhaps you have a colleague at work that you dislike for no reason at all. One day, this person could be someone you need for your business.

The people whom you have not spoken with for a long time could be your future customers.
If you write a list of people, they may not have a bearing on your business plans, perhaps not even as a customer. Cultivate the relationship. Because they are not islands. Each person you know knows at least a couple of hundred other people.

Finding Opportunities

Have you decided to become an entrepreneur? If so, how much time have you dedicated to personal development? Working on your attitude and mindset is a continuous process. Habits form after repetitions.

Have you started the habit of keeping in touch with everyone you came across in the past, even as you add new people in your connection?

Let’s talk about opportunities.

From my perspective, there are two kinds of opportunities that should present itself at this point.
First, as you learn more about personal development, your ability to communicate with people should have improved. The way you speak, the way you act, should have changed for the better.

Instead of doing your job as a matter of obligation, the positivity you learned should now change the way you work. Noticeable changes that actually places you in the best position to be promoted in your company.

Second, as you continue to expand your knowledge, you learn to keep an open mind on everything. Close-minded people do not see opportunities. To put into practice what you have been learning, let me show you how to start a business. RIGHT NOW.


Starting a business

Let’s see how open-minded you are, and how willing you are to do whatever it takes to start a business.
Look at the list of people. Each name that you see, take a moment to remember them. What do they need daily? What are the things they need, in order for them to do what they do? Write it down.
It might take you a few days to finish going through your list, and that is okay.

Once you complete this task. Review your notes. Are there people on your list who could provide the needs of others? Can you buy products and offer them to those who need? Even if you do not find product providers, can you find suppliers locally in your area?

One of the attitudes of successful entrepreneurs is the commitment to do whatever it takes. Can you make that same commitment now, that after reading this post, you will act on it? Will you commit yourself to producing results after a reasonable time?


Transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship may be scary. But if you do it right and prepare yourself, then the transition itself will be smooth. What was once out of your comfort zone becomes your new comfort zone.
With no experience in business, you might as well get started. Once again, remember to bookmark and follow the StartUpMindset for updates on new posts.

Create a list of everyone you know and get in touch with them. Just say hello. Cultivate relationships without expecting anything in return.
Once you have completed writing down everything including their needs and what they do. I believe you will find opportunities, several of them. Good luck.

Robert Lee
Staff Writer: Robert U. Lee is a proud father, one of USANA Health Sciences' top directors, ELITE Trainer of XTRM 1-11 and the creator of Amazing Life Daily.

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Staff Writer: Robert U. Lee is a proud father, one of USANA Health Sciences' top directors, ELITE Trainer of XTRM 1-11 and the creator of Amazing Life Daily.

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