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Grow Yourself Professionally, Grow Your Business: Here are 5 Ways to Do It

Your own growth is going to extend to the growth of anything you’re involved in. That includes your professional life. If you have a business, growing yourself will enable your business to thrive too. You might think you have it made right now and there’s no need to work on yourself, but everything is in a constant state of change. If you don’t look to grow, you may cause stagnancy within your business. You want to constantly be seeking out growth opportunities for yourself and also for your business.



Professional Growth

You can improve your business by making better use of your talents and skills. You can do the same for your team. Put them into positions where you believe they can strive. This takes asking them what they’re passionate about and what they’re good at. These are questions you ask during the interview phase but people change. If they grow stagnant in their position, they likely won’t feel as motivated as they once were. Give credit where it’s due, and make changes to enhance your employee’s experience at their job.

Professional Growth and Promotions

The best companies out there today will offer promotions, but that usually isn’t the motivation here. Intrinsically, people want to grow. They don’t want to remain in one spot. Career development plans are essential for keeping staff motivated. This brings personal growth into play. Consider this, if you are at the top because you own your own business, aren’t there other things in your life that help you with personal development?

Even if you’ve made it to the top of the food chain with your career, you will still need to keep growing. Your staff feels the same way, and their job might be extremely important to them. Moving up and getting better at their job matters. A promotion is a great gauge for them, but it’s not the fundamental motivation.

How to Grow Professionally 

Check out how others are growing themselves and their businesses. You can do this by going to meetings and events held by business associations. Get to know what other bosses are doing. You also have the opportunity to meet new people and gain support. Don’t forget to ask people closest to you how they could see you growing too. Those who know you best will likely have great insight. Read books, and check out TEDx Talks. If you’re really feeling stagnant, see about getting a coach for awhile or taking a course. There are so many ways that you can improve yourself professionally and personally. Doing so will promote every aspect of your life.

1. Get Additional Education

Obtaining additional certifications in specific fields like finance, IT, or healthcare  can be a powerful way to boost personal and professional growth. Certifications demonstrate expertise and proficiency in a particular area, and can enhance your credibility and marketability in your industry, opening up new career opportunities and increasing your earning potential. Preparing for certification exams requires careful planning and diligent effort.

It’s important to start by thoroughly researching the certification requirements, including the exam content, format, and any prerequisites. Consider utilizing reputable sources such as textbooks, online courses, or practice exams. For example, you can check Career Employer’s study materials for a free Series 7 study guide in order to be well-prepared for a certification exam and increase your chances of success.

2. Fight Off Stagnation

If life has become stagnant, it’s time to shake things up. You have to figure out a way to get out of the daily rut. Do something radically different. Go to your first yoga class, or go work in a different department of your business for a week to understand a different aspect of your business. Do some new things and decide to look at things in a different way. It’s best if you are constantly changing things up so you never fall into the hole of stagnancy. Many of us will only make changes when we’ve hit the bottom. It makes it harder to climb back up. Better to keep things fun and interesting every day.

3. Technology Plays a Part

Technology is great. It helps us improve on a daily basis. If you want to streamline your business, you can just download an app and make things easier for yourself. It’s important to remember the human connection, however. Let it help you grow, but don’t let it become a vice or you suffer from dependence. Technology is doing something to us that’s slightly confusing. You may be looking at different things daily but it becomes redundant. You have less time to develop yourself personally or make contact with the people around you. Be mindful of this.

You can also use tech

4. Be the Inspiration for Your Team

Your team and how it grows in the business is going to start with you. If there is something you want to see from the people who work for you, make that change in yourself. Develop your own skills and talent. Your team will naturally follow in kind. Be the inspiration.

5. Taking Risks for Growth

A lot of times, people won’t make changes because they’re afraid that it won’t pay off. The risk can be worth the reward or you lose money and you’re no further ahead. Don’t fear these realities. If there is something you think could enhance your business, do the research and come up with an informed decision. You don’t have to be a big risk taker to experience growth professionally.  In fact, just looking into options will teach you something, making you more business savvy.

Take some small steps to start. Think about the year gone by and what you wish you’d done differently. If there were days where things were productive, consider what you did. Make the changes that will enhance you and your business. The things you do to improve yourself can greatly affect those around you. If you learn how to meditate, for example, you can be calmer when things go sideways. You don’t lash out, instead you look at things objectively and make the changes necessary. There are a lot of ways your private experiences can enhance your professional growth.

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Loraine Couturier
Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at https://www.facebook.com/jetsetwritingchick

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Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at https://www.facebook.com/jetsetwritingchick

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