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4 Behaviors You Never Want to See in a Leader

Being  the leader of a business is not easy.   Besides managing and creating the vision for the company, you also have to deal with deadlines, production, growth, and the effectiveness of your team.  A business can only go as far as the leader can take it.

NBA Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas once said that “As a leader, if your confidence is shaken, theirs is shattered”.  It is important that a leader displays confidence and strength so that the team does not buckle under pressure.  It is equally important that the leader avoids displaying attributes that will cause your team to lose trust in your abilities as a leader.

Developing your leadership skills is a sure-fire way to make sure that you are getting the most from the business and your team. But there are things that leaders can sometimes do that cause their team to question their ability as a leader.  In this Entrepreneur.com video, you will learn 4 behaviors you never want to exhibit as a leader.


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