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3 Tips for Creating Engaging Marketing Videos by Incorporating Storytelling Elements


Do you feel that the marketing videos you’re publishing on your website or social media pages aren’t as engaging as they should be? While there are many ways to increase the engagement levels of your videos, one of the most effective is by incorporating storytelling elements.

Storytelling is a time-tested method of conveying information effectively while keeping the audience interested. If you wish to incorporate storytelling elements in your marketing videos, there are a few areas that you should start with:

  • Figure out what the story really is

When you want to create a marketing video, you should first think about what story best conveys the message that you’re trying to put across. For example if you wish for the video to promote a product by explaining its features and their benefits, you could tell a story about how it was useful for a particular person and helped solve a problem that they had.

  • Structure it as a story with a beginning, middle, and end

The traditional storytelling structure is one element that you should definitely appropriate, as it is extremely effective. When applied to marketing, your videos should have a beginning that is designed to attract interest and tell the viewer what the video is about, a middle that contains the content, and an end that normally would lead into a call to action.



  • Make it personal

As much as storytelling can be used in a variety of ways, nothing is quite as effective as a story that is told from a personal standpoint. There is an authenticity in personal stories that is often appealing to viewers, and storytelling can be used to help viewers connect emotionally with the subject in the video – whether it is you or someone else.

Of course as much as storytelling can help to increase engagement levels, there are a lot of other factors that have a part to play as well. One of those is definitely the quality of your videos – which is why it helps to be able to edit them. Although video editing is often considered difficult, using a user-friendly editor such as Movavi Video Editor will let you create professional-looking videos without going through a steep learning curve.

Within Movavi Video Editor you’ll find all the features you need to create high quality videos that look great. It can be used to trim out unwanted video segments, enhance the video quality, apply special effects, merge clips together, insert captions, add audio tracks, include animated transitions, and much more.

Having all the features of Movavi Video Editor at your fingertips should give you what you need to make sure your marketing videos look perfect before you publish them online. Additionally you will find that you’re able to hone your approach to creating videos in the first place, as you will have the flexibility to edit them and fix any problems that may arise rather than having to re-shoot the footage from scratch.

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