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Will a Degree Help You Build a Business?

Building a business can be daunting, especially in the beginning! But with the right qualification, you can learn the necessary skills to assist you in succeeding with your new business venture. 

So, what are the best business degrees to complete if you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur? Further, what will you study during your business degree? Perhaps most importantly – what opportunities will come available to you once you graduate?

To learn more about the best business degrees to help you build, develop and launch your very own business career, just keep reading.


Business Education: The Best Business Courses, Degrees and Qualifications

Looking out for a quality business qualification? It pays to do your research! Of course, the best thing about our digital age is that virtually all of the information you require is available online. You can even complete an MBA course online.

Also known as a Master of Business Administration, this particular degree is one of the most popular tertiary courses to enroll in for aspiring business professionals. However, there are also other courses you could elect to complete. These qualifications can be in the form of either an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate Master’s degree. 

Irrespective of the level of qualification you are aspiring to complete, however, some of the available business degrees you could enroll in include:

Bachelor or Master of Accounting

If you are aspiring to be an accountant or finance professional, these qualifications are essential for you to complete. You will, naturally, be required to learn the foundations of accountancy and finance. As such, you will need to be skilled in the area of mathematics.

Bachelor or Master of Economics

Often paired with a major or minor in business or finance, a bachelor’s or master’s of economics is another surefire way to pursue a business career. The main study areas usually focused on generally incorporating analyzing the theory behind the production, distribution, and consumption of consumer goods and services. 

Bachelor or Master of Finance

This degree is especially appealing to fiscally-minded individuals. Like qualifications in economics, a bachelor’s or master’s of finance can also be paired with business study specializations.

Bachelor or Master of Management

Lastly, for ambitious individuals aspiring to be business leaders, this type of qualification could be an excellent choice. It will teach you to develop essential leadership and management skills that can be applied in almost any business context.



Becoming an Entrepreneur

If you are aspiring to become a entrepreneur, you will need to learn how to start your own business! Of course, launching a new business venture is never easy. However, the benefits associated with being your own boss will be worth it! Greater independence, financial freedom, and work/life balance could be yours. Of course, that is not to say that you won’t need to invest a great deal of time and money into establishing your business – especially at the start! Indeed, financial stress and time poverty are intrinsically linked with starting your own business. 


As such, you will need to develop self-care tools and techniques – such as knowing when to relax and take a break – to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by your new venture. Many business entrepreneurs have found that learning to meditate or practice yoga in their spare time has a multitude of benefits. 

Of course, regardless of the relaxation method you choose to engage in, the main and most important thing is that you commit to regulating your stress levels. Stress can have an extremely detrimental effect on your well-being, and your health. As such, it is important to learn how to relax.

Beyond Entrepreneurship: Other Career Pathways and Job Opportunities for Business Graduates

There are many job prospects and career outcomes available to business graduates that do not necessarily involve becoming a business entrepreneur or building your own business. If this is of interest to you, these professional pathways can include:

Project Manager

A career as a project manager is highly regarded, well-respected, and indeed, is often very well paid. But, what does a project manager do? Needless to say, the role is fairly self-explanatory. Quite obviously, a project manager is responsible for overseeing the delivery of internal projects. The best thing about this qualification is that the capabilities and skills acquired through your studies can be applied to many professional fields. 

Organizational Senior, Upper, or General Manager

Another very good use of your business qualification is to utilize it to catapult yourself into a career in upper or senior management. You can even aspire to become an organization’s General Manager! That is, if you develop the applicable skills, network profusely, and apply yourself diligently to propel your career trajectory.

Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

For highly ambitious business graduates, there is also the option to pursue a coveted C-suite role. For example, you could aspire to become a company’s Managing Director, or even, the CEO. Of course, these types of roles don’t come easily! Reaching the top takes a great deal of work, motivation, and dedication. Additionally, as they say, it can be lonely at the top


If you’re aspiring to develop a career as a business entrepreneur, it pays to complete the relevant qualification! Even if you’re not, however, a degree in business can open many doors, and lead to a multitude of career pathways. You could become a project manager, for example. You could even aspire to senior or upper management roles. Alternatively – if you are feeling particularly ambitious – you could aspire to a C-suite role, such as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of a company or organization. 

Of course, pursuing a business career is likely to be lucrative – whether you become a business entrepreneur, or otherwise. As such, if you dedicate yourself to completing that elusive business qualification, you will thank yourself for it later!

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