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[Video] How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work

Time management has always been the ally and nemesis of every achiever. On the one hand, if time is managed efficiently, things get done, customers are happy, and your business grows. On the other hand, if you don’t manage your time well, small projects drag and become big ones, business opportunities are lost, and you will constantly feel like you are scrambling to get things done.

This Entrepreneur.com video list 10 things you can do to better manage your time. The list consists of many things you may not have thought of.

One of the things that many entrepreneurs neglect to do is to schedule interruptions. When we look at our schedule, we tend to break down the day by an hour or by 30-minute increments. We neglect to schedule possible interruptions and delays that often pop up.

Think about the last meeting you attended. How many times did someone leave to go to the restroom? How many times did an administrator, employee, or co-worker walk in to ask a question? How many times did a phone ring? These types of interruptions seem minor but over the course of your day, add up.

We are all human so it will be impossible to be 100% efficient every day of your life. Take a few of these tips and apply them little by little and you will begin to experience a better managed day.



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