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The Unique Mission Of C2Legacy

In the world of blockchain technology, everything is so new that it’s hard to make a definitive list of “best practices.” But if Marie-Antoinette Tichler has her way, that list will come into existence sooner rather than later.

Especially when it comes to protecting the value of cryptocurrency assets, and easily passing them on after one’s death, Tichler’s company, C2Legacy, is at the forefront of making the crypto universe a safer, fairer, more profitable place for anyone who wants to participate.

Here’s our quick look at the company, its founder, and how she hopes to make digital asset estate management as common as FDIC bank insurance.

C2Legacy, sometimes rendered as “C2Legacy,” is one of the first companies of its kind, offering a service that assures owners of cryptocurrency their precious, intangible assets can be transferred to heirs just as easily as a coin collection or family heirloom.

Who is Marie-Antoinette Tichler?

The innovator who started C2Legacy is Marie-Antoinette Tichler, an entrepreneur who has devoted thousands of hours teaching youth about cyber-safety and delivering computer education through her non-profit, TOADD, and as a community service volunteer.

Tichler not only created C2Legacy, but brought a community-based non-profit into existence for the sake of teaching young people how to protect themselves online and learn the smartest ways to conduct social interaction in cyberspace. That organization, TOADD (see TOADD.org), was recognized by the State of Georgia as a helpful, innovative entity that has already contributed mightily to the improvement of online safety for young people.

Why Digital Asset Estate Management?

The multi-syllabic tongue-twister, digital asset estate management (DAEM), refers to the methods by which a cryptocurrency owner can pass the asset on to some else after their own death. Due to the vagaries and newness of blockchain technology, it is currently quite difficult to transfer digital assets like Bitcoin or Litecoin to an heir via a traditional will or estate plan.

Tichler created C2Legacy to solve this conundrum and make sure any owner of cyber assets can simply and confidentially pass these intangible stores of wealth on to their heirs.

What Does C2Legacy Offer its Customers?

C2Legacy is, simply put, a platform that allows for digital asset estate management via an “immutable blockchain” technology that delivers peace of mind to anyone who wants to make sure their crypto-wallet does not die with them, but becomes part of their financial legacy to heirs.

What Exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, and its many imitators, are called “crypto” currencies because they do not exist in physical space, only in cyberspace. Each unique blockchain address, and the code to open it, creates a unique amount of monetary value. That way, the owner of the unique code essentially owns a particular amount of spendable money associated with the blockchain associated with it.

While the technological explanation sometimes baffles people, it’s simplest to compare Bitcoin and other cyber currencies to a person’s online checking or savings account, whose funds aren’t represented by a stack of bills in a vault, but as a cyber entry on the bank’s books.

How to Connect With C2Legacy

Like everything else with C2Legacy, contacting the company and its owner are convenient and streamlined. The firm’s direct website address is http://c2legacy.io, where visitors can easily sign up for additional information and learn more about the company’s activities.

For a quicker, more informal way of interacting with Ms. Tichler, check out her Twitter feed , where anyone can ask a question about the newest, safest way of passing on digital assets to their heirs.

The Bottom Line on C2Legacy

Keep an eye on C2Legacy to be one of the movers and shakers in the cryptocurrency industry. As millions of new asset-holders jump into the Bitcoin world every day, there will be an increased need for ethical, professional services of asset protection like those offered by C2Legacy.

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