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Barbara Corcoran Calls Chris Sacca ‘Arrogant’: “I’m Gonna Go Over and Knock Him Off His Chair”

Shark fight!

Barbara Corcoran is not a fan of Chris Sacca.  When I say “not a fan” what I mean to say is that she cannot stand the man.  In this Business Insider video, Corcoran tells her true feelings about guest shark and venture capitalist Chris Sacca.

“He is so arrogant and so full of himself that I just want to go over and knock him right off his chair”

“Granted he’s smart and he’s rich but so is everybody else there.”

Known for his signature cowboy shirts, venture investor and entrepreneur Chris Sacca is also one of the wealthiest investors to have appeared on Shark Tank with a networth of about 1.2 billion.  Sacca is the proprietor of Lowercase Capital, an investment firm best known for investing in early stage funding for companies such as Kickstarter, Twitter, Uber and Instagram.

Check out the video to see Corcoran share her thoughts.


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