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Switching Careers? 3 Tips For Leaping Into Gainful Employment

If like so many other people in the U.S. right now you’re suddenly facing the challenge of finding new work, you’re likely looking for more efficient ways to find — and of course land! — that dream job.  Even solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup founders are finding it harder to stay in business and may be thinking about landing a job in order to keep money coming in. 

Because let’s face it, the process is time-consuming, and often quite stressful too. If you’re unemployed, returning to the job market, or in the process of switching careers, here are three tips for making the whole process a bit easier. 

1. Build Up Your Job-Seeking Knowledge

For many entrepreneurs, this is the first time they’ve dived into the job market for a long time. Compared to even just a few years ago, the process of finding employment now has the potential to be both more complicated and more precisely-targeted. 

In the complicated column, there’s the fact that employers tend to use software to scan applications before a human even sets eyes on them. It’s therefore essential to understand how an algorithm will read your resume. In the efficiency column, job-hunting tools and services have become remarkably granular, provided you know where and how to look.

All of these added layers add up to one thing: you need accurate and up-to-date knowledge on how to navigate the job market. The good news is that the U.S. Department of Labor offers this free and comprehensive resource. The information you’ll find here can help you solidify your approach, steering your path on such topics as good interview practice, where to focus your job search, and how to branch into a new career field. 

2. Pay Close Attention to Benefits and Insurance Options

Today more than ever, salary packages aren’t just about take-home pay. Benefits and insurance options can play a huge role, not only in your family’s security and peace of mind but also in your paycheck-to-paycheck disposable income.

A significant deciding factor in the ‘new normal’ of our post-COVID-19 world is flexibility. A quality insurance package should offer you the flexibility to update your coverage as your lifestyle changes, both in gearing up your coverage during times of heightened risk, and drawing back on your coverage when life’s variables become a little more stable. Flexibility isn’t just a useful side-feature these days; it’s a crucial way to gain more in-depth control of how risk management impacts your personal finances. 

Military families may benefit significantly from securing insurance that offers competitive military benefits, including many of the policies offered by USAA. The right insurance package can provide a range of additional features for military families, including financial protection during deployment, and discounts on premiums. 

Paying close attention to your benefits and insurance options can provide greater security for your family’s financial future. 

3. Think About the Less Tangible Benefits

Finally, part of any career hunt should involve careful consideration of the less tangible benefits that come with a given employer. It’s worth spending time to gain clarity on the kind of work environment to which you’re best suited. This may include lifestyle considerations — such as the work style that best fits your family life, and how readily you can accommodate other time commitments — but it might also factor in your personality and temperament. What kind of leadership do you prefer? What work activities do you genuinely enjoy? What gives you a sense of accomplishment? 

These and similar questions deserve at least some consideration in your process of deciding where to work next. 

You Have a Golden Opportunity!

Finding new work is tough, but it’s also a golden opportunity to take a pause in life and think before you leap. Build up your knowledge. Think carefully about the benefits that would best suit your family’s needs. Free up the mental bandwidth to think about less tangible factors. All these activities can help improve the chances that your next job will be everything you wished for. 


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