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7 Reasons Your Startup Should be Using VOIP As It’s Phone System

VoIP is what all the top startups are using as the basis of their communications systems. As of the last statistics taken in 2017, an estimated 36% of businesses use VoIP. These numbers are startling because it means two-thirds of businesses are missing out.

Startups should be thinking about installing VoIP from the beginning. Office  VoIP companies Cebod Telecom believe that there are so many benefits that just can’t be found with a traditional phone system.

Here are all the reasons why startups should be using VoIP now.

You Will Save Money

The main reason why you should be using VoIP is it will save you money on both local calls and international calls. The advantage of VoIP is you’re using a fast Internet connection instead of a dedicated phone line. It’s a much cheaper alternative.

For example, it’s estimated that you can cut the cost of an international call by 90% just by making the switch to VoIP. Imagine how much startups that operate solely online could save.

Host Conference Calls with VoIP

It can be difficult to host effective conference calls. The problem with basic packages is that they don’t have the crystal-clear quality or voice clarity a business expects.

VoIP is a more professional, results-driven option for startups that have to host conference calls. You must use technology to remain competitive, and hosting a flawless conference call is just part of making that vital first impression.

Drill Down into the Important Stats

Startups want to run an efficient business and gather as much information as possible, so they have a competitive edge.

VoIP allows you to drill down into those all-important stats. For example, you can view all call activity and monitor every user, including how much time they’re spending on the phone.

You can also create customer reports using this data and build charts and dashboards with it.

Whether you’re trying to improve efficiency or just provide a better service, VoIP gives you all the information you need.

Improve Productivity in Your Business

Evidence shows that dealing with change in business can be tricky. That’s what holds so many startups back, especially if the entrepreneur comes from a corporate background.

VoIP is one of the best changes you can make, however. It always allows full multitasking. Plus, the difference may seem inconsequential. Instead of picking up the phone you’re pressing a hot key to answer the call.

But this change enables you to continue with whatever you’re doing and answer the call at the same time.

Decrease Your Phone Installation Costs

Traditional phone lines are expensive. Initial installation costs can start in the hundreds. This can even go into the thousands when big companies install large phone systems.

VoIP offers an alternative. The biggest expense on hardware is the VoIP phone itself. These can cost anywhere from $40 to $80. Sometimes they’ll cost more if you want highly advanced features.

The software, on the other hand, can essentially be free. VoIP systems are compatible with popular calling services like Skype.

Startups may one day also want their own specialized software, but either way it’s still much cheaper than a classic phone line.

Better Bandwidth Utilization

Data costs in business can quickly add up for even the smallest companies. The big advantage of VoIP is that you can easily manage data usage.

You have the reporting features necessary to better manage your bandwidth. Modern VoIP services are designed to use as little data as possible, without compromising on quality.

You’ll have the opportunity to save on bandwidth and still have a world class communications system.

Show the Right Level of Professionalism

There’s no excuse for startups to not have the level of professionalism of an established corporation. VoIP includes a lot of features, such as call waiting and call redirection, for free. Even if your provider doesn’t, these features are typically available for a insignificant fee.

Features like these make an impression when you’re dealing with clients and other businesses. Telling someone on a cell phone that you’ll call them back or giving out a number for them to call is extremely unprofessional and sends the wrong message.

But with a VoIP system you can redirect a call to another employee at the click of a button. It’s more convenient for both you and the caller.

Final Thoughts – VoIP has it All

There’s no doubt that VoIP is the future of business phone solutions. Thousands of businesses across the country are making the switch every single year.

They’re saving money, improving productivity, and ensuring that they send the right message to anyone they come into contact with.

If you want to take advantage of VoIP, start looking for a provider now!

Author Bio: Victoria Heckstall is a business freelance writer.

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