Top 7 Sales Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to sell.  Whether it be your product, your service, your vision, or yourself, sales is an intricate part of being successfully self-employed.   Since we all know that success doesn’t happen without sales, here are the top sales books every entrepreneur should read.

Those of you who are visiting from our Facebook page might remember “#sales week”.  We had many of you asking us to post the list of book recommendations that we made that week.  Well, here you go!  So get reading, and get selling!


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Zig Ziglar’s The Secrect of Closing the Sale-on our list is a classic book called The Secrets of Closing the Sale from the legendary Zig Ziglar. This book gives a lot of ways to get clients to say “yes”. Worth checking out.



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The #6 recommendation of the top 7 sales books every entrepreneur should read is “80/20 Sales and Marketing”. This book shows the importance of using the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s Principle) to maximize the customers that bring the most business so that your company has to work less while making more. Whether you’re already using the principle or its new to you, this book adds great insight and ideas.



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The #5 sales book on our recommended list of “the top 7 sales books every entrepreneur should read” is called “Do It Marketing”. This is presented as a marketing book but has A LOT of sales insight (sales targeting, approaching clients, etc). Really good for small business hoping to grow and the 21 day launch plan at the end is excellent. You really need a book like this for your library!


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The #4 book recommendation for the top 7 books every entrepreneur should read. “To Sell Is Human” looks at sales from the viewpoint that “we are always selling”. We recommend all 3 of Daniel Pink’s Bestsellers but this one is great for learning how to persuade and move others to make a purchase.



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For those of you with aspirations of landing contracts with large companies, the #3 book on our list of “top 7 sales books for entrepreneurs” is for you. Big companies buy from you for different reasons than individuals. In order to get orders from big companies, get your products on their shelves, or even get them to return your calls, you must speak their language. This book shows you how to do all of those things and more. A must have for your entrepreneurial library!




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With only 192 pages, there is no good reason why you shouldn’t read the #2 book on our list. “Spin Selling” is know as an essential around the world for anyone involved in sales. The “non-sales selling” approach is great for those who may not consider themselves as a sales person but will also give insight to you seasoned salespeople. Highly recommended!


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And the number 1 book on our list of “top 7 sales books every entrepreneur should read” is (you probably saw this coming) “The Greatest Salesman in the World”! This tiny book (128 pages) is a classic and is legendary. Much different than the other books on our list because it is written as a parable and not as a text book. Its almost impossible to read this book and not be motivated to succeed not only in sales, but in life.


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